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You’re going to like this one! That’s for sure. A stunning Breitling Superocean Heritage II B20 Automatic 42mm Stainless Steel watch is being featured on this weeks’ “Watch of the Week“, and what a watch it is. We take a look into the story behind the watch, as well as the specifications, materials and any other features the Breitling Superocean comes equipped with.

We like a diving watch here at Lux Horology, and we hope you do too, and with the depths you can reach with this watch, it’s bound to get a few raised eyebrows. Breitling have been known for their deep roots and heritage surrounding the ocean collections etc. and it allows us to understand and appreciate the craftsmanship in which they carry out through the use of their highly skilled watchmakers and teams – and this is a prime example of that.


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The Breitling Superocean Heritage II B20 automatic watch came into fruition after Mr George Kern made it a point to look back and appreciate and recognise the brands 140 years of legacy to drive the business’ success. With the first “Superocean” Breitling watch being released in 1957, you can understand the development and growth in which they have continued to pursue right up until now, and will continue to do so for the future.

When the first Breitling Superocean was released it became apparent that the high quality, the exceptional performance and the Breitling style in which they had presented to the world, was a hit to lead them into becoming a major player within the diver’s watch market. Further growing their brand as a whole and paving their own way to a bigger success.

This watch in particular has some incredible functionalities to go along with the dashing and luxurious design it holds. The blue bezel and blue dial really capture the essence of the ocean, and also make it the perfect diving/ sailing companion. Well, let’s get into it shall we?


The dial featured on this Breitling Superocean Heritage II is an almost Navy blue, which catches the light incredibly well (Video will be at the end displaying that). Not only does this blue dial look incredible but it also allows for that light feeling, unlike a black for example, even though both are great, this one in my opinion is a little bit more elegant and fit for that diving and outdoor adventure style in which it homes in on.

As we’d expect from a dive watch, the dial features hour markers and indices instead of the usual numerals, which is clearer and easier to visually see underwater. Making the divers job a lot easier, especially when it comes down to timing intervals etc. The indices are large and have Super LumiNova equipped which enhances that increase in visibility.

The almost Dauphine style silver hands allow for that diving element to really pop, and for the wearer to clearly see what the time is etc. but it’s not only useful for the wearer, because it also adds so much character to the dial itself.


The case on this Breitling Superocean Heritage II is 42mm in diameter and 14.35mm in thickness. Leaving you with a snug fit being geared towards the bigger wrists. It also has a lug width of 22m.

The case is made using stainless steel, and the uni-directional bezel is ceramic (which has an impressive 120 clicks), so you can be assured of the high quality materials involved, as well as the durability and reliability in which it holds. Having a ceramic uni-directional bezel also means that the performance of the watch when timing underwater, isn’t hindered in anyway.

The sapphire glass crystal is also another material in which has been used, which again, ensures the delivery on high quality performance and durability, but you’d expect that from a brand such as Breitling.

The blue ceramic bezel works brilliantly with the blue dial, as they both catch the light beautifully, which is always what you want.

Lastly, is the impressive 200m water resistant depth this Breitling Superocean Heritage II comes equipped with – it allows you to explore to depths you’d never thought you’d reach. But even if you’re not a diver, it gives you the opportunity to explore all types of environments, because it’s as durable as they come.


The mesh style strap on this Breitling Superocean heritage II, seamlessly blends all of the elements involved together, including the folding clasp. The bracelet allows for a breathable wear, one which would be perfect in hot conditions, e.g. on a yacht etc. but it is also just the strap for a versatile and adaptable environment.

A mesh style bracelet has very mixed opinions, but it’s almost like a leather strap, in terms of the reliability as well as it featuring some of the same properties, and by that we mean the bracelet is easy to wear doing anything. But the mesh bracelet does have an advantage, and that’s the longevity.

Something I’m sure you know, is that Breitling watches are very durable, and when talking about exploration of the oceans, you’re going to need a durable watch, strap movement etc. and that’s why this bracelet is so bloody good for the job, it is versatile, giving you room to move freely, but it’s also extremely durable for whatever adventure you take on.


The movement found within this Breitling Superocean Heritage II is a Swiss-made calibre Breitling 20 automatic movement, which has a diameter of 31.80mm and holds 28 jewels. It not only provides the watch with excellence in terms of reliability, with the impressive 70-hour power reserve, but it also highlights it’s precision, with a running frequency of 28,800 Vph.

Having a movement which gives you the flexibility of a 70-hour power reserve, is absolutely brilliant. It means you can travel, work, and do pretty much anything whilst wearing your watch and not have to worry about winding it.


Case material – Stainless steel

Movement type – Swiss-made calibre Breitling 20 automatic movement

Water resistant depth – 200m (20 bar)

Strap material – Folding clasp-fastening stainless steel bracelet

Power reserve – 70-hour power reserve

Case diameter – 42mm

Case thickness – 14.35mm

Lug width – 22m

A video review on the Breitling Superocean Heritage II, by IrixGuy’s Adventure Channel:


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