How to choose the best watch strap

When thinking about watch straps we almost just brush them to one side, as they’re just another element in which pieces the watch together. However, if we dive deeper into the reasons why they’re so important, as well as the big question of, “How do I choose the best watch strap?” we‘ll soon answer all the questions we’re looking for.

Why you should invest time researching different watch straps?

When it comes to watch straps, a lot of people just look straight past them as if they’re just a side piece to the main watch case, movement etc. in some aspects they are just another element which makes up the watch, but you really need to look in deeper and understand the value they bring.

How to Choose the Best Watch Strap for your watches?

Texture of the strap


Why is texture important?

The texture of the strap is a key indication as to how it’s going to feel on the wrist, as well as how well it will pair with the watch itself. For example, if it was a rugged strap, it probably wouldn’t be a good idea to pair it with a bold characterized watch, as it can cause for overcrowding within the whole timepiece. It’s better off to keep it simple but still allow for that luxurious feel to shine through.

In addition to this, when thinking about the texture, think about how it will compliment the watch, and if it even compliments the watch at all. If it doesn’t, then it might not be the right choice.

Design of the strap


Why is the design important?

The design of the strap is extremely important when it comes down to buying one. When we talk about the design, we mean any extra parts or embroidery etc. as shown in the example above. With this being said, lets talk about why its important. So if the strap has, let’s say an orange embroidery, then it would be appropriate to pair it with a beige or desert element for the colour of the case, dial, hands etc. As long as the stitching within the strap has a paired interest within the rest of the watch it’s perfectly appropriate to match it.

An example of this not working to well, would be an orange embroidery and a green dial, case etc. So just be thoughtful as to how you go about choosing the design of the strap, always link back the design of your watch.

Colour of your strap


Why is the colour of your strap important?

The colour of your strap is crucial to making sure the whole aesthetics of the watch fit together perfectly, and allow for the timepiece to be in co-ordination with every element which is running throughout. For example, this blue strap would co-ordinate well with a stainless steel case and a blue dial, this is because the colours match well and allow each element to stand out on their own, but also merge together beautifully, creating this almost seamless transition between the three.

Make sure you understand what colours match with what, and how they combine together, this’ll be important for your watches sake, as it will be the one bearing the compliments when on your wrist.

Material of the strap


Why is the material of your strap important?

The material of your strap is crucial amongst all other aspects too. A stainless steel strap vs a leather strap are sort of similar in what they can be paired with, and it’s always best if you have two, as you can swap whenever you deem. The leather strap is more suited for a suit (pun intended) / formal outfit, which can be for a social event etc. Whereas stainless steel straps, again can be formal, but they match better with that casual/ smart look.

Whatever look you’re trying to achieve just think about the material of the strap, and how it best fits in with the rest of your watches materials, as well as all of the other tips above.

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