How to use a Watch Press to close a snap off Caseback

If you’ve found yourself in the position, where you need to get your snap caseback, back onto your watch, but you don’t quite know how to use a watch press, you’re in the right place – because we at Lux Horology have put together a little step-by-step guide as to how it works, and what you need to do.

You don’t necessarily need a watch press to get your caseback on, but if you do happen to be a watch enthusiast or someone who owns one, it is a lot easier and quicker most of the time… so let’s jump straight in.


This is the most important, and probably the most obvious step – but the one people might often look past. Find the right size die, for your watches caseback. Your watch should fit snug but not too snug into the die.

If you think the crystal or glass is overhanging the side at all, then it’s too small. The glass/crystal needs to be in between the walls of the die, otherwise this could cause serious damage, e.g. scratches etc, but most notably it could crack or smash it.

This should also apply to the caseback, the dies will be close to the same size, but not always the same, so just trial and error your watch within each of them until it fits comfortably, the top one should actually bit a bit smaller than the bottom one.


Finding a protective cover is crucial when using a watch press for your snap caseback. This can range from a thick cloth, to bubble wrap and anything you deem to be of a protective manner for your watches safety. The idea behind this is to deter any scratches or damage to the glass/ crystal.

When you have a protective cover of such, place it on the bottom die where the watch will be facing down upon (dial side down). Once you have placed it down you’re ready for the next step.


As you can see the watch is face down, and it’s a leather strap so it can be easily ready for the watch press, however if you’re watch has a bracelet for example – you will need to either temporarily detach it at the buckle or at the lugs, whichever you feel comfortable doing.

But after you’ve done that, you will be ready for this step. Place the watch as straight as possible, and make sure it’s sat comfortably within the die. This will give you an easier task to complete when you go to press it down.


This is the last step to take, all you have to do is slowly push down using the lever, until the top die has made contact with the loose caseback. Once the contact occurs, and everything is lined up straight, you then want to apply more pressure to the lever, until you hear a “pop” sound.

You will know the sound once it’s in, if you feel as if you’re pushing too hard and nothings happening, either change the top die, or reposition the watch, these should help combat any other occurrences from happening.


We hope that after following these implemented steps, that you’re successful and the caseback is easily placed back on – and we also hope that it can benefit you in the future if you ever require to do it again. Enjoy your watch, have fun with the watch press, and thank you for reading these steps on “How to use a watch press.”

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