Lux Horology’s Guide: Starting your watch collection (2023)

When starting a watch collection, it can be hard to choose what one – as there are so many choices available to you. However, contrary to this, it can almost be an easy decision, as a lot of people tend to impulse buy, before taking a little time to understand what it is they’re actually purchasing. So, here at Lux Horology, we thought we could help. We’re going to highlight, and get into the details surrounding some of the key points you should think about, when starting your own watch collection.


Think big… but not too big. What we mean by this, is that for your first watch, you want it to be great – a real pinnacle timepiece within the watch world. Such as an Omega Speedmaster, or a TAG Heuer Monaco. Having a great piece, as one of the first of many to come, is a fantastic way to setup your collection, in the right way. This allows you to sub-consciously, want to continue, and improve on every previous watch. Now, this obviously has some limitations, as you can’t keep spending more and more money… unless you can. But if you do decide to start your collection off, with an incredible watch – one which has meaning, then you’re bound to keep the collection to the same standard, if not higher.

Think of it like friends – sometimes you might have hung out with the wrong crowd, and that has an effect on yourself, and everything that you do. Now if we apply this to your collection, and the watches that surround it, high quality is the key. Whether it’s a £100 watch, or a £10,000, as long as the quality is good and you appreciate the value it brings, then, that’s all that matters.


This is an opportunity to find out what you like, and what you don’t like – as well as explore things such as watch movements, and the uses they each have within different brands etc. Not only that, but when you’re starting your own watch collection, doing some research into different forums and online communities, is just as important as finding out what watch you like. This allows you to connect with like-minded people, and explore different avenues, as well as learn new things.

Research, also includes social media pages, such as Instagram Facebook etc. as there are thousands upon thousands of watch related profiles, which share photos, information and much more. This idea of research, is there to grow your passion for watches, as well as Horology in general

Watch brands –

Find what watch brands you like, and start to think about the price of their watches, what specifications they hold, who they’re targeted for, as well as understanding the value of the watches they produce too. All of these factors are important, when making your decision. Some watch brands are specifically designing watches for certain jobs roles etc. including the Army, or sports such as diving.

Watch movements –

It’s important to research different watch movements, as some watches hold cheaper movements, which just aren’t worth the money you’re paying for it. Look for things such as “Vph”, and the power reserve, along with their shock resistant systems etc. – you can do this by looking up a particular watch you’re interested in, and finding out all the information. Sites, such as “WatchBase“, and “Caliber Corner“, hold some valuable information.

Watch Specifications –

Different watches have many different features, they come in all shapes and sizes, and are sometimes designed for specific purposes. So, it’s important that you are aware of these different attributes, and use them to your advantage. If you often find yourself in deep waters, then look for a watch with great water resistance, if you are the travelling man, then find yourself a world timer… you get the gist.


Investing in some good watch accessories, is important when it comes to starting your own watch collection. Watch boxes, watch safes and watch winders are just some of the many accessories you can pick up for affordable prices. But after all, you can also splash the cash and get some luxury items too.

The idea behind investing in good watch accessories, is that it allows your watch collection to have more purpose. It means they aren’t just collecting dust, and picking up scratches whilst you aren’t wearing them, but they can actually be protected and secure, as well as being safe from any unwanted damage or dust etc.

But it’s not all just about how they protect the watches from external factors, because it also means that your watch collection can start to look more luxurious than ever. A good watch winder or watch box, makes all the difference, especially if they’re on display around your house etc.

When buying your watch accessories – we did mention that there are more affordable ones, if you’re not looking to splash the cash, however, and you are after some higher quality ones, which might last longer, then definitely approach it in that sense.


Enjoy your watch! This is incredibly important, when it comes to starting your own watch collection. A lot of people buy a watch and then don’t wear it, but if you enjoy your first watch, you’re more likely to buy another, and another, so on, so forth – in turn, allowing for you to expand on your watch collection. But it’s not just about your watch collection being able to grow, because it’s also about the connection between the watch – e.g. creating memories with the watch. To then someday pass down the heirloom. That’s what’s important.

This links back to the researching of watches, and being able to identify what you do and don’t like, along with many other factors, including the heritage, story or specifications each watch holds. If you are able to work that out, then you’ll be having a field day, when it comes to enjoying your first watch.

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