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The Oris Aquis Hangang Limited Edition takes modern diving watches to a whole new level – hence why this incredible timepiece is being featured on “WOTW”. With such a great design, in terms of the creativity throughout, and with such great functionality, this Oris Aquis is a watch, you need in your collection.

A warm luxurious green dial is the bold standout centre piece, along with the in-step date window, but more on that later – first let’s dive right in (pun intended), with the story behind the watch and then we’ll move onto the specifications. So, take a read through, and who knows, you might learn something new?


BUY NOW – £2,100

Oris has teamed up with Seoul KFEM (Korea Federation for Environmental Movements), with the mission of cleaning up the Hangang River, as well as raising awareness for the pollution which is present in the area. This is a story which you’d wear with honour whilst it’s on your wrist. That’s a big reason as to why this Oris Aquis Hangang Limited Edition watch is being featured in todays “Watch of the Week”.

The elegant design allows for the luxurious essence to shine through, especially with the green involved. There’s something special about the Aquis collection, as they’re so recognisable, due to their unique case and lugs, as well as the colours in which they display on the dials. It’s a watch which will never go out of fashion, it’s pleasing to the eye, it tells a story, and it’s a timepiece which holds longevity – so whatever you plan on doing whilst wearing this Hangang Limited Edition Oris watch, you’ll be in good hands.

The dial

Come on now… who wouldn’t want this watch, just for the dial – I mean, look at it. It’s full of character, rich in luxurious essence, and warm for those special occasions. A sun-brushed dial is always the way to go, especially when we’re talking about a diving watch. It’s perfect, because the light bounces off it beautifully, and creates this disperse effect, meaning your watch shines and shimmers for all to see. In addition, it features Super-LumiNova hands and indexes, which is important for when the environment around you gets darker, as well as a date window, and a seconds sub-dial, so you can keep track of crucial timekeeping intervals etc.

Additionally, the dial holds batons for markers, which is a change from their ‘Divers Sixty-Five’ collection. The batons allow for a clearer and better understanding of the time, especially when underwater, and visibility is low. The date window is an added bonus, and something which shouldn’t be looked upon.

The Case

One of the standout points in which this Hangang Oris Limited edition watch holds, is the case – with it being unique and one of the main selling points for the watch. The rugged ceramic bezel and crown also allows for easier use when adjusting functions etc. The case is 43.5mm in diameter, which is a great size for a diving watch, not too big and not too small.

The stainless steel case, along with the ceramic bezel means that robustness and durability are of a high priority throughout this diving watch, which I’m sure you can already believe… since it’s a diving watch – it’s going to have to have some sort of strength, to withstand pressures of up to 300m (the water resistant depth). The Sapphire crystal glass is also another safety measure, and also a material which makes you understand the reliability it holds.

Something that is a little bit more unique on this watch, is the polished stainless steel being present on the teardrop bracelet in an alternate fashion to what we usually see. Just a small touch, but one which adds up in terms of attention to detail to the overall objective of the watches design.

The Movement

This Hangang Limited Edition Oris watch holds a Swiss-made Oris 743 calibre automatic movement, which has a diameter of 25.60mm, and comes equipped with a total of 28 jewels. Additionally, it’s not just about what we can see from looking at the movement, but it’s also about what’s inside, providing the power and precision, and that would be the 28,800 Vph it has.

However, the precision and power isn’t the only thing which makes this movement special – because the reliability of a movement is just as crucial, if not more… they’ll be less money spent on services that’s for sure, and that’s to do with the 38-hour power reserve. It’s not only a great feature, in which allows you to always be on the go, but it also helps you understand the high performance movement you’ll be able to hold on your wrist


Case material – Stainless steel

Strap material – Folding clasp-fastening stainless steel bracelet

Movement type – Swiss-made Oris 743 calibre automatic movement

Power reserve – 38-hour power reserve

Vph – 28,800

Jewels – 28

Glass – Sapphire crystal glass

Case diameter – 43.5mm

Strap width – 24mm

Water resistant depth – 300m (30bar)

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