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Leather watches are amongst the most popular types of design, this is down to their sophisticated and elegant look. The comfortability from them can be far greater than those equipped with stainless steel too. In addition to this, they can also be a lot easier to pair with outfits, as the colours are bolder and can standout much more. In this article, we’ll discuss the 12 best leather strap watches to buy, as well as telling you about the features each of them have, and just a brief overview of the brand and the history behind the watches themselves.

What are the best men’s leather watches you can buy?


BUY NOW – £6,000

Why is this watch special? A beautifully crafted timepiece by the wonderful Baume & Mercier, whom of which have been creating luxury swiss watches since 1830. This elegant watch displays a true sense of luxury, especially because of it’s captivating 18ct rose gold case, which shines for all to see. The opportunities are endless – designed for the gentlemen who enjoys the finer things in life.

The standout features this watch has? With the display of the 18ct rose gold case, it ensures that this watch is robust and durable, and will definitely last for many years to come. The black Alligator strap with grey lining running down the side, really allows you to feel the comfort, but also appreciate the contrast in shades of colours and materials. A luxury feeling resonates throughout you when wearing this timepiece – as it’s simplistic but holds up great for black tie parties, and formal events etc. All whilst having some features such as the 50m water resistant depth, to bring out your bold and adventurous side once in a while.


BUY NOW – £5,280

Why is this watch special?

This OMEGA Seamaster is a true display of luxury watchmaking excellence – they have gone above and beyond, and created something which one day, you’ll be able to pass down the family tree, creating your own history with it, ready for someone else to carry forward. Longevity and durability are two of the focal points this watch has nailed down upon, allowing you to create endless memories whilst wearing it.

The standout features this watch has? With a staggering water resistant depth of 600m – this watch really is the master of the sea, creating the opportunity for those of you who enjoy diving, to really reach new depths and explore even further. In addition to that, this timepiece can be worn as an everyday watch and still tell the tale for years to come – with scratch resistant sapphire crystal glass equipped for protection, you’ll rarely need to service this watch.


BUY NOW – £6,700

Why is this watch special? Looking for something a little more sleek and simplistic, all whilst carrying forward a timeless timepiece? This watch has you covered. Zenith was founded in 1865, Le Locle, Switzerland, and has been creating masterpieces ever since, incorporating luxury with adaptability, as well as affordability in terms with what you receive. This watch in particular takes inspiration from one of the original three models which were created in 1969, with Zenith having made their first gradient and vignette style dial.

The standout features this watch has? The stainless steel case captures the character this watch possesses, and it allows for the brown leather strap to incorporate itself beautifully, connecting all the elements together. The design of the case provides the perfect fit when on the wrist, and allows for great comfort. If we take a look closer into the small details such as the lining on the leather strap, and the vignette style dial, you can start to understand the level of craftsmanship and watchmaking skills, this watch took to create. It’s robust, it’s durable and it will last you for years to come, so whatever journey you may take, make sure your wrist is well prepared too.


BUY NOW – £380

Why is this watch special? A beautiful warm green dial really sets this watch apart from others – especially due to it’s affordability and the quality in which it holds. Seiko was founded in 1881, and have been delivering affordable and timeless timepieces, which have been dominating the market for years. Being part of Seiko’s Presage collection, this watch offers a stunning display of craftsmanship and a sleek design which will stop others in their tracks.

The standout features this watch has? If you’re looking for a watch which will serve it’s purpose as a luxury display of horological art, as well as catering for the use of everyday wear – then this watch definitely needs to be in your collection. The movement type is automatic, so whenever you’re on the move it wont stop ticking, being automatic also gives you the opportunity to keep it wound in a watch winder, so when you’re not there it will be all ready to go when your back. In addition to this, the 50m water resistant depth caters for outdoor use and who knows, you might find yourself in water one day – it’s just a handy feature to have.


BUY NOW – £6,700

Why is this watch special?

The green element throughout this watch resonates a luxurious feeling when worn. Being part of the Premier collection, which was launched in the 40s it’s dedicated to bringing elegance, and what better way to present it through this timepiece. This watch is also in collaboration with Bentley, and they have built a strong relationship throughout the years and have created beautiful timepieces such as this one. The dial is of wonderful design and creativity, almost looking like that of a dashboard in a car – which connects this watch to the effortless look of the Bentley models.

The standout features this watch has? A 100m water resistant depth allows you to understand the durability this watch has, as well as ensuring you about the longevity it will have – being an everyday watch, as well as a luxurious timepiece to cater for formal events too, puts this watch on the ‘best leather strap watches’ list.


BUY NOW – £1,415

Why is this watch special?

A simplistic design with great character is what makes this watch so special. Are you ready for all the parties and events which will be open once this never-ending lockdown ends? Well get prepared with a timepiece which will attract the eyes of many. This watch will turn any old outfit into a sophisticated look and bring elegance amongst all elements.

The standout features this watch has? With a 100m water resistant depth, this timepiece allows you to stick to your formal roots and appreciate the luxurious feeling when wearing it, but it also allows you to get in touch with your more outdoor self, and gain experiences with the different environments around you – With it having qualities of robustness and durability.


BUY NOW – £5,250

Why is this watch special?

Bringing that classic look back with the inspiration coming from the race and the city. The Monaco collection embodies the luxurious feeling when worn. This timepiece is special, it highlights it’s square dial in vintage fashion, and brings together sports, racing and watch enthusiasts to admire and appreciate the creation. Once featured in the classic 1970s film ‘Le Mans’ and was worn by the legend Steven McQueen, this watch takes on a huge audience and brings it past the finish line.

The standout features this watch has?

The dashboard inspired dial is at the centre of this timepiece, and it adds a huge amount of character to the watch, and allows for people to connect themselves to Monaco and the races taken place there. In addition to this, the open view of the mechanism on the caseback adds a personal touch to the history of the watch, and helps you appreciate the complexity to create such a piece. Furthermore, the leather strap adds comfort, as well as linking back to the idea of racing gloves, just further adding a personal connection. Last but not least, this watch caters for all environments, and has a 100m water resistant depth.


BUY NOW – £690

Why is this watch special? A unique blend of a luxury design – Hamilton have created a spectacular timepiece, which is sure to attract the eyes of many. It’s a tribute to the original model which was brought out in 1957, as it made history as the first electrical, battery powered watch. If you’re looking for a dress watch, but also an everyday watch, this will definitely fit your requirements.

The standout features this watch has?

With a 50m water resistant depth, this timepiece allows you to bring out your adventurous side and explore the environments with robustness and durability in mind. It features a stainless steel case and a beautiful black leather strap, which adds comfort and combines all the elements this watch has, together. Lastly, you don’t need to worry about precision and accuracy, as Hamilton have included a quartz movement, allowing for incredible timekeeping.


BUY NOW – £10,950

Why is this watch special?

With a stunning blue pearlescent dial, this timepiece is bound to shine. This watch doesn’t just have an incredible design, but it also has functionality which sets it apart from a great watch to an outstanding timepiece. In addition to this, the power reserve this watch holds, is 7 days which is truly impressive – wherever you are, this watch wont let you down.

The standout features this watch has?

This watch will be perfect for formal clothing and a showcasing piece, in which you can display it in a luxury watch winder. It holds an automatic movement, in between the stainless steel case, which is all connected by the Black Alligator strap, which ensures the quality is paramount. You wont just be buying a watch – you will be purchasing a timepiece which has history behind it, and carrying that forward on your wrist is a remarkable feeling.


BUY NOW – £3,700

Why is this watch special?

If you’re an amid watch lover as well as being a racing enthusiast, then you’re bound to love this watch. It takes inspiration from motor racing, and includes a thrilling design which is full of action, but still sparks that simplistic elegance.

The standout features this watch has?

Featuring a black leather strap with red stitching lined throughout, creates this sense of urgency and mystery, allowing you to take your mind back to racing and the thrill you receive when watching – or even taking part yourself. This happens a lot with this timepiece you’ll feel immersive of both worlds.

Furthermore, this watch holds a staggering 100m water resistant depth which is truly impressive, and allows you to bring out your more active side – This is then accompanied by the stainless steel case to ensure durability and robustness are present.


BUY NOW – £465

Why is this watch special?

The dark colours which have been introduced into this watch, really displays the luxurious feeling when worn. With such a simplistic but powerful design, this timepiece is is designed for the bold and adventurous.

The standout features this watch has? Holding a beautiful polished stainless steel case, for robustness and durability – which protects the automatic movement, allows this watch to be a fine display of horological art, but also to protect it from being damaged. With a 100m water resistant depth, you can be sure to take this watch to the mountain terrains or go diving whilst abroad – perfect for all outdoor activities.


BUY NOW – £1,550

Why is this watch special? Perfect for the busy business traveller – with a wonderful design, this watch displays a true sense of Swiss luxury timekeeping. The character has been built by the bold dark blue colour, as well as the three sub-dials placed perfectly on the dial. It boasts calendar as well as travel functions, which is an uncommon feature to see.

The standout features this watch has? With an open view of the movement on the caseback, it allows for a more personal connection between you and this timepiece, and helps you understand the complexity, as well as the luxury watchmaking skills behind it. It holds an automatic movement in between the stainless steel case which is being protected by the sapphire crystal glass – so you can also explore the outdoor environments, whilst not having to worry about the robustness and durability of your watch. Last but not least, this Oris timepiece, holds a 50m water resistant depth.

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