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I know it can be an exhausting task, buying for your loved one – especially if your loved one is a watch enthusiast. As I’m sure they would be very grateful for whatever you surprised them with, but it’s a lot more technical than that. It is important to understand that they will have particular interests, such as brands, materials, colours etc. so being able to tap into the watch world – more importantly your loved ones “watch world” is important for the success of the gift.

Here at Lux Horology, we love to surprise our loved ones with gifts, and what better way to present to you the perfect “watch enthusiast gifts” for your loved ones – so the next time that special day comes, you’ll be prepared and ready for the look on their face, when they’re thrilled with the gift you displayed to them.


This is a crucial aspect when buying a gift for a watch enthusiast, as it will determine the rest of the tips in which this post will discuss a little further down. If you’re buying for a woman or a man, this will most likely change the outcome of the purchase, and if you’re buying for someone of a different age, this will also have the same effect.

Who you’re buying for is an important aspect, whether it’s your husband, mum, sister etc. all of the rules apply to them, and that comes down to what they like? In terms of colours, materials, designs. It comes down to wrist size? It also comes down to the way they dress etc. and also what they’re like as a person? Are they active? Do they go exploring? What are their hobbies? All of these questions will allow you to nail down on what will be best for them.

This is because their are many various different styles of watches out there on the market, all of which will accommodate your loved ones wants and needs. Such as running – there are watches which will be able to give you reports on heart rate, and time intervals etc. But there are also watches, which have features to withstand high pressure and water, so for the sailor, that would be perfect.

So make sure to ask those questions before buying… it will make your buying experience a lot easier and hassle free.


What we mean by this, is what do they do for a living? What hobbies do they enjoy? Are they active and adventurous? If you ask these questions about the person you’re buying for, it opens up so many doors, and leaves unanswered questions… answered.

Adventurous –

Does the person you’re buying for always like to challenge themselves? Such as taking part in climbing, hiking or does any kind of sport. If so, then think about buying a watch which will serve as a great companion and a useful timekeeping instrument for whatever they may need it for. An example of this, would be a stainless steel or titanium watch, or a rubber strap watch – both are durable and hold great longevity. The rubber strap watch, will mean that versatility and adaptability will prevail in harsh conditions, even adding comfort in strenuous situations, such as climbing. Whereas, a stainless steel or titanium watch will prove robust and reliable even in the harshest of times too.

This doesn’t mean that the person you’re buying the watch for, will need it to survive harsh conditions, but as a more adventurous type – maybe go for something which has features to accommodate the things in which they will need them for.

Outgoing –

Are they the bold type of person, who’s always the life of the party? Well, you may want to look at more bold and unique style watches, if you feel as if they would wear it well, and it would suit them. Being a bold character, can often mean that the watch you wear is more out there! This could be the colours involved, the design of the watch, in terms of the characteristics throughout, such as a heavily decorated dial. Think about these kind of things and imagine the watch on the wrist of the person you’re buying it for – this will help you visualise them wearing it, further increasing your understanding of what they would suit etc.

Subtle –

Sometimes the more subtle people can be more powerful with the watches they wear, because of the statement it provides. Less characteristics throughout the watch, e.g. less sub-dials, moonphase etc. and more power within the quality in which it holds. Maybe a darker watch, with less colours and materials mixed throughout. Simplicity is key.


Looking for opportunities, if and when you have the chance, is important to the successful purchase of the perfect watch. This can be asking questions surrounding the topic of horology and timepieces in general – which will allow you to subtly understand the kind of things in which they’d want in watch. Obviously don’t just ask them straight up, what watch do you want? Because that defeats the element of surprise, and that’s what were going for. So make sure the questions aren’t going to raise any eyebrows.


The amount you spend on the watch is entirely down to you, but we can give you some guidance on what things might be important when actually making the purchase. If the person you’re buying the watch for is an enthusiast, then that’s perfect, because they will want to wear the watch, and the money will be put to good use.

However, when buying the watch, it’s also important that you spend the appropriate amount for the quality you’ll recieve, Seiko watches are much more valuable than other diving watches in terms of the quality you get for the amount you pay. So make sure that, whatever you do spend, that it is worth the price. More expensive doesn’t always mean better.

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