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Quartz watches are amongst the most reliable and accurate forms of keeping time – all whilst being so minimalistic whilst on your wrist. They use signals from the crystals to transmit these signals at a very high frequency, allowing for the loss of far less time than mechanical timepieces.

We at Lux Horology enjoy making things simpler than they need to be, and that’s why we have created our list of the top 10 quartz watches, which you should have in your collection. They offer great features, and are incredibly reliable in all aspects – but especially in the accuracy they hold.

What are the best top 10 quartz watches you can buy?


BUY NOW – £575

Why is this quartz watch special?

With such a unique design, this timepiece radiates it’s luxury feeling in fashionable style – The green dial and bezel is what creates that sense of luxury, and intertwines all of the elements together. The speciality in which lies beneath this watch, is the fact it’s a diving watch and can withstand demanding amounts of pressure, when under water.

What are the standout features this watch includes?

A 300m water resistant depth is the standout feature in which this watch holds – perfect for diving, and exploring the midst of the oceans, or just enjoy the beach and not have to worry about whether your watch is waterproof or not. With a quartz movement inside, and a unidirectional bezel you can also use the precise accuracy when timekeeping crucial intervals. Maintaining a robust structure is also an important attribute this watch holds, and is allowed through the use of stainless steel for the case and bracelet – which also allows for the use of everyday wear and it means you can carry forth with that mountain climb you were planning on doing etc.


BUY NOW – £1,995

Why is this quartz watch special?

Fancy a black tie party? God, we all wish we could attend one right now – there’s something which is oddly satisfying, and often makes you feel good about wearing a dress watch with formal clothing – it reminds you that there is light at the end of the tunnel – and even if it’s not a Patek, it allows us to feel confident and bold whilst wearing it.

Once worn by the legend Steven McQueen in the famously iconic film “Le mans”.

What are the standout features this watch includes?

Providing functionality whilst being reliable and durable, as well as having a spectacular appeal to the eyes, this TAG is sure to be remembered as one of the all time greats. Holding a 100m water resistant depth, you can bring out the explorer inside you, and venture out on the endless opportunities available – diving, mountain climbing, racing… this stunning timepiece has you covered. Robust in structure, with the stainless steel case, and precise in accuracy. You can’t go wrong.


BUY NOW – £1,300

Why is this quartz watch special?

With fine details shining the luxury essence throughout this watch and the simplicity and creativity within the design aspect as well as the functionality this watch provides, is what makes it so remarkable and such a beautiful piece to admire. In 1830 Baume & Mercier was founded, and this is an example of the high quality luxury Swiss watchmaking they present to us.

What are the standout features this watch includes?

The triple folding clasp makes is an admirable feature this watch holds, which allows for ease of use, and a seamless blend for the bracelet – creating the illusion its just connected all throughout. If you’re looking for a practical watch which will test it’s time against all types of environments, you’re in luck. This timepiece holds a 100m water resistant depth which allows you to be adventurous and visit all kinds of places, as well as giving you the assurance that your watch will be durable and robust – especially with the polished stainless steel case and bracelet incorporated.


BUY NOW – £525

Why is this quartz watch special?

A modern twist on a classic look puts this watch on the list – are you looking for a reliable, affordable and precise timepiece? Here it is, the Elliot Brown Bloxworth watch, which holds all of three of those attributes, and will certainly leave you wanting more from this brand. Founded in 2013, it’s bound to keep rising through the watch industry like it has, and explore new and creative ideas.

What are the standout features this watch includes?

Having a unidirectional bezel, it means you can crucially time intervals etc. when exploring the depths of the ocean – speaking of the ocean, this timepiece has equipped a 200m water resistant depth, perfect for those of you who like an adventure once in a while. The quartz movement ensures you of that precision accuracy we talked about, as well as marking it in the affordable range of watches.


BUY NOW – £2,300

Why is this quartz watch special? This TAG Heuer Aquaracer is a stunning timepiece which holds some great features too. Cutting edge designing with the mixture of creativity and innovation is what drives these watches to be so successful, and this is a prime example – in the form of a quartz movement, and functionality which exceeds the expected standard.

What are the standout features this watch includes?

The main standout feature this watch holds, is the 300m water resistant depth – perfect for the outdoor, and on the go person. Super LumiNova coated hands and indexes provide you with the visibility when in dark environments, and the unidirectional bezel allows for crucial timekeeping for different intervals etc. Overall, it’s a beautiful timepiece with polished stainless steel used for robustness, and a simplistic but effective dial and movement which brings out the functionality.


BUY NOW – £2,475

Why is this quartz watch special?

This timepiece has a unique style to it, as well as being modern and fashionable – for example, the dial is the centre piece of this watch, and is just captivating, with the use of the different colours, and characteristics. Founded in 1961, this timepiece originates from the Swiss family, and has incorporated the highly skilled watchmakers craftsmanship within it.

What are the standout features this watch includes?

An incredible water resistant depth comes equipped with this timepiece, at a substantial 5000m – truly remarkable, and perfect for those of you looking for a watch which can withstand that amount of pressure. Robust in strength from the stainless steel case and the black rubber strap, which also allows for adaptability is what makes this watch perfect for all type of journeys and explorations, in whatever climate or environment.


BUY NOW – £1,640

Why is this quartz watch special?

Looking for a beautiful dress watch which delivers a certain standard in the precision of timekeeping? You’re looking at the watch which allows that to happen. Montblanc was founded in 1906, and they have been providing you and I with high quality luxury Swiss timepieces ever since – and this is no exception.

What are the standout features this watch includes?

Expressing true luxury watchmaking in fashionable style is this Montblanc timepiece – serving you with a dish of class and displaying art in the form of Horology for all to appreciate. With a quartz movement, the accuracy is beyond precise – perfect for those of you who are always ahead of schedule. Not only does the inside of this watch impress us, but the display of stainless steel used for the case, ensures you that the quality is of a high standard, and you can be sure to take it anywhere – and with a robust structure complimented by the Alligator leather strap it brings this piece together in a luxurious manner.


BUY NOW – £395

Why is this quartz watch special?

An affordable piece which models it’s luxury in simplistic but elegant fashion – perfect for the everyday use. Highly skilled craftsmanship goes into designing, creating and executing these timepieces, and it shows here, with precise accuracy, long lasting durability, and functionality.

What are the standout features this watch includes?

Precision accuracy comes from the quartz movement – which is crucial when timekeeping. Especially if it’s underwater, and that’s why it comes equipped with a 100mm water resistant depth, which is incredible for a watch of this affordability.


BUY NOW – £109

Why is this quartz watch special?

A beautiful and an affordable piece created with innovation, as well as a cutting edge design. Are you looking for a durable and robust, watch which can offer you all you need in an everyday watch? Then open your pad and note this one down.

What are the standout features this watch includes?

Such simplicity is displayed throughout this watch, yet it’s so stunning. The leather strap allows for great comfort, and compliments the robust stainless steel case – which protects the precise quartz movement powering this watch. Ensuring you of the high quality materials used throughout. Last but not least, it holds a 100m water resistant depth, which is perfect for those who live in the fast lane, and enjoy the thrill of adventure.


BUY NOW – £2,000

Why is this quartz watch special?

A Pristine display of horological art, which demonstrates the skill in order to design, create and complete such a timepiece. Founded in 1993, this watch brand has made it’s name through their exceptional timepieces, and this is an example of that – which has been made especially for professionals who require total reliability.

What are the standout features this watch includes?

A rubber strap allows for versatility and comfort on the wrist. A 100m water resistant depth, allows for the bold and adventurous people to bring that side of themselves out – all whilst, being ensured that their watch is reliable when in those different situations and environments.

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