The ultimate watch, safe and winder, every collection needs

Owning a watch collection, is an impressive and smart way to invest your money – all whilst allowing you to be enthusiastic about the design, the history and the complexity of craftsmanship in order to complete such a task. But have you thought about getting the crème de le crème of safe, winder and watch? Of course you have, it’s every mans dream to own the coolest gadgets for the watches, and own the most prestigious brands to accompany that – hence why we have come up with the ultimate three, albeit very subjective. The reason we chose these three, was because of the class, uniqueness and the simplicity in which they all hold.


BUY NOW – £209,000

What makes this watch special?

This stunning and unique timepiece encompasses the luxurious essence in which all watchmakers desire for their creations. Not only does it display the true art of horological design, in fashionable style – it also paves the way for new creations and new innovative ideas, in which can push all elements involved to new limits. The time is read using the 6 cubes with all hour markers present, which is displayed to you by the green liquid indicator which moves along… obviously, and a straight line transparent material to highlight the minutes. Not a watch for everyday wear, and if you want to be able to look down at your wrist and instantly know the time, then maybe it’s not the one for you, but still a great investment piece as its limited to only 25 pieces.

A great feature this watch has?

The 170 hour power reserve… insane! Which allows you sit back, relax and not have the worry and hassle of winding the watch for some time. Being reliably told the time for long periods of time means you can focus on other tasks at hand, all whilst being ensured of the quality it provides

Extra features:

Strap – Alligator

Case material – Titanium

Water resistant – 30m

Movement – manual

Case width – 41 x 62mm

Will it increase in value?

Being such an innovative and creative watch with elements you’ve never seen before, it is certainly going to increase in value. In a couple of decades time this watch would have increased significantly due to the advancements in technology and innovative ideas which have propelled forward. Not only that, it’s limited to just 25 pieces! This is such a small number, and someone is going to be willing enough to pay the big bucks for the history in watchmaking designs innovations etc. A great piece to keep, and it could be a great long-term investment.


BUY NOW – £28,995

What makes this watch safe special?

Protecting your watches is crucial, especially if the worth of assets are rapidly increasing – Having a safe place to store them when you’re not around etc. is an incredibly important aspect of building a well respected watch collection. And if you’re looking for a place to store all of these watches – 16 to be exact, then this watch safe is the perfect rejuvenating sport for your luxury timepieces. Once inside they’ll be comfortable, and excited for the times they’re worn, are we speaking as if they’re alive? Yes… yes we are.

What features does this watch safe hold?

Bluetooth: yes

Rotations: Includes an app which you can control the Turns per Day (TPD) etc. and this ranges from 1 to 1,999 TPD.

Directional settings: With the directional settings, you can turn them clockwise, anti-clockwise and bi-directional.

Size: The cuff/ drum suits all watches available, as well as all straps & case sizes.

Additional storage: Yes, 2 pull-out drawers.

Fire resistant: Yes, has been tested at 927 degrees Celsius, and then dropped from 30 feet. Lasts up to 120 minutes.

Water resistant: Yes, interior of the safe door includes something called Palusol fire seal, which expands 8 times larger than the original size – this allows for it to be completely sealed. Therefore protecting your watches.


BUY NOW – £9,995

What makes this watch winder special?

Having a watch winder for your collection is an important aspect especially when/ if you’re away travelling a lot of the time etc. because it means that you wont have the worry of winding all of your watches the next time you go to wear them. Saving you time, and cutting out the hassle is a big part of the watch winder’s success. Although in saying this, it’s not just about saving time etc. it’s about the quality condition which your watch will be kept in – the lubricants inside will be perfectly flowing, allowing for an increase in longevity, as well as a plethora of other functionalities in which help the watches conditions etc.

This watch winder in particular, holds up to 12 pieces and has great functionalities in which boost the performance of it’s own design.

What features does this watch winder hold?

Bluetooth: Yes

Rotations: customisable pre-programmed rotation with a turns per day limit from 1 to 1,999 – giving you the choice of choosing what’s best for your watches.

Settings: Clockwise, counter-clockwise, bi-directional.

Lock-in cuff: Yes

Patent: Turns per day are guaranteed by the patented method of counting turns – in which no other company does, or does better than WOLF.

Additional storage: Yes, pull-out drawer holds an extra 7 watches.

Locking tempered glass doors: Yes, and a 3 digit combination.

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