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So you’re starting your watch collection right? Perfect, because when it comes down to making those first few purchases, it’s good to start it off with a cracker of a watch – now this doesn’t mean you need to spend thousands upon thousands, it just means do your research, find what you like and go from there.

There’s no rule saying your first watch needs to be x or y amount, just go with the flow and build it up continuously. However, if you are someone looking to spend a few thousand pounds on your first couple of watches, then these are some great picks to go for.

Lux Horology enjoys making things simpler for everyone, in anyway possible, so take a read through, and see if you would like any of these in your collection… I’d be surprised if you didn’t.


BUY NOW – £22,400

A little bit about the watch:

The Jaeger-LeCoultre ‘Reverso’ collection was first created back in the 1930s, with the idea being that Polo players could reverse the case around to keep it intact whilst they were participating in their games. The iconic design continues to this day, with it becoming increasingly popular, and people are craving it for their collection.

The practicality behind the stunning Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso is incredible – and with the creativity and design in which they provided, allows you to maximise your potential in whatever you do/ you’re planning to do. Not only is it a beautiful dress watch made from 18-karat rose gold, it’s also a useful timekeeping instrument which will serve it’s purpose for decades and decades to come. Sports, formal events, you name it, this watch can deliver excellence at the highest standard. Definitely one for your collection.

What movement does the Jaeger-LeCoultre “Reverso” have?

This incredible timepiece is driven by the high precision calibre 853 hand-wound movement, which consists of 280 parts/ components. It was introduced in 2016, and is only used within this particular watch. It holds 19 jewels, runs at a rate of 21,600 Vph (Vibrations Per Hour), and comes equipped with a power reserve of 42 hours. A truly impressive movement, which highlights the quality in which Jaeger-LeCoultre have provided within this watch.

What features does this Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso watch have? Case material – 18-karat rose gold

Movement type – Hand-wound calibre 853 movement

Water resistant depth – 30m

Watch markers – Rose gold-tone baton hands and hour markers

Strap material Leather strap

Case diameter – 29.9mm

Case height – 49.7mm


BUY NOW – £4,750

A little bit about the watch:

This stunning, and quite bold TAG Heuer timepiece is an iconic one, being worn by the infamous Mr Steve McQueen in the well known film “Le Mans” – with the watch being featured in the film for a total of 15 minutes according to timeandwatches.com. The “Monaco Calibre 11” watch was actually redesigned to honour the 50th anniversary, in which the Gulf won it’s first race in one of the most prestigious races in the world.

The Monaco Gulf Edition, is unique, it’s bold and it looks just like the race car. Perfect for the bold and outgoing man, who enjoys the spirit of luxury watchmaking, and also loves to hold onto the rich history in which watches provide. Yet, it’s for the sophisticated man, because everyone knows, that this watch, is one for the collection.

What movement does the TAG Heuer Gulf Edition have?

The calibre 11 automatic movement is the powerhouse within this Limited Edition TAG Heuer – holding great functionality, and made to the highest standard (as you’d expect in a TAG). Holding an impressive 59 jewels, as well as a frequency of 28,800 Vph allows you to understand the accuracy and reliability in which it retains. The movement can be found in 16 different models, all of which being “Monaco’s”.

What features does this TAG Heuer Gulf Edition watch have?

Case material – Stainless steel

Movement type – Automatic Calibre 11 movement

Water resistant depth – 100m

Watch markers – Batons

Strap material – Calf

Case diameter – 39mm


BUY NOW – £16,800

A little bit about the watch:

Mr Karl-Fritz Scheufele had a few thoughts before creating this piece – which was the inspiration behind the design, materials and everything involved within the watch. Imagining Chopard’s ‘Alpine Eagle’, along with his desire for the Alps, the regions iconic golden eagle, as well as the ‘St Moritz’ timepiece in which his father created in 1980. All of these three things are the reason behind why this watch was made the way it is – and my god, it looks good.

It took the Maison four years to develop and create the Chopard lucent steel a223, that’s used for the case and bracelet of this incredible timepiece. The idea came from the strength and robustness of the mountains – all whilst being brighter, and 50% harder than other attempts. Additionally Chopard have really taken the inspiration and turned it into something special, including the galvanised dial, which is portrayed to us in an elegant fashion, using the design of the bird of prey’s iris – as well as the second hand being fluted like a feather.

What movement does the Chopard Alpine Eagle have?

The calibre Chopard 03.05-C uses 45 jewels, and has a diameter of 28.80mm. Being an automatic movement allows for continuous wear of the watch, and is designed for the man who’s always on the go. The frequency of the 03.05-C is 28,800 Vph, and has an impressive 60-hour power reserve.

What features does this TAG Heuer Gulf Edition watch have?

Case material – Lucent steel case

Movement type – Chopard 03.05-C automatic movement

Water resistant depth – 100m

Watch markers – Batons

Strap material – Lucent steel bracelet

Case diameter – 44mm

Case thickness – 13.15mm


BUY NOW – £6,300

A little bit about the watch:

This beautiful Zenith El Primero Sport captures the art of horology, through precision watchmaking, and ingenuity through a retake on one of their most iconic models, the ‘El Primero Sport’. The unmistakeable sporty look comes from the smoky grey dial, and the textured black rubber strap. along with the robust stainless steel case. All of which piece together seamlessly – making this chronograph a must have for any collection.

Not only does the design aspect of this watch highlight the sporty look and feel, but so does the functionalities which are involved – for instance, the 20 bar (200m) water resistant depth, allows you to understand the reliability and longevity in which this watch will hold, even if you’re putting it through it’s paces.

What movement does the Zenith El Primero Sport watch have?

The Zenith El Primero Sport holds a Swiss-made automatic El Primero 400 B calibre 13 movement – coming equipped with an impressive 50-hour power reserve, along with 31 jewels, and a frequency of 36,000 Vph. Not a movement to be overlooked, as it holds great functionality, and provides excellent precision, being accurate to within a tenth of a second.

What features does this Zenith El Primero Sport watch have?

Case material – Stainless steel case

Movement type – Swiss-made automatic El Primero 400 B calibre 13 movement

Water resistant depth – 200m

Watch markers – Batons

Strap material – Rubber

Case diameter – 45mm

Case thickness – 14.05mm

Min strap length – 18cm

Max strap length – 22.5cm

Strap width – 2cm


BUY NOW – £6,460

A little bit about the watch:

This beautiful Breitling Navitimer is modelled after the iconic chronograph which was released in 1852. It’s elegant, it’s full of character, and it holds incredible functionalities, such as the 30m water resistant depth, as well as the sweeping second hand, 12 hour, and 30 minute sub-dials – to allow you to maximise your timekeeping intervals etc. The precision in this Breitling Navitimer, comes from the impressive calibre 01 automatic movement.

Providing you with a stunning timepiece, and a great asset for your collection, is this Breitling Navitimer, the rich, and warm blue dial shines in the light, and allows for that luxurious essence to be felt from, not only yourself, wearing the watch – but also the people surrounding you, who lay eyes upon the watch. A true classic, which embers that powerful and bold look, which you look for in any luxury timepiece.

What movement does the Breitling Navitimer B01 watch have?

This Breitling Navitimer holds an automatic calibre B01 movement, which comes equipped with 47 jewels, as well as running at a frequency of 28,800 Vph (Vibrations per hour). So you can start to understand the precision, in which this movement holds. Not only, does the precision of this timepiece affect it’s performance positively, but so does the impressive 70-hour power reserve. Allowing you to be on the go at all times, without the worry of winding your watch. Additionally, it means you can add this to your collection and place it on a watch winder to then wear whenever you desire.

What features does this Breitling Navitimer B01 watch have?

Case material – Stainless steel

Movement type – Breitling calibre B01 automatic movement

Water resistant depth – 30m

Watch markers – Batons

Strap material – Alligator

Case diameter – 43mm

Case thickness – 14.22mm

Lug width – 22mm

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