These are 5 Oris Watches you need in your collection

Oris has been an advocate in the world of horology, in terms of collaborating and achieving goals which have been meaningful and impactful in a positive way. Such as their goal to save the turtles which is their newest mission, along with a collection of dials being made from recycled ocean plastic and formed into random patterns, making each piece one-of-a-kind. As far as i can see, i think a lot of people are interested in Oris’ objectives and value the watch brand hugely because of this. Not only do their goals align with the masses, but their watch designs, creativity and execution is of the highest calibre. Therefore, we’ll take you through these 5 Oris watches that you need in your collection.

Oris Rectangular Automatic

BUY NOW – £1,700

Why this watch?

Starting off with an Oris watch which is a little different than what you might have first presumed, and that’s for a good reason. Since the 1930s into the 40s when the cushion-shaped watches started to become a craze, the popular design has had it’s waves of popularity – but up until recently the square design has stuck, with the most notable watches being designed from Cartier, such as the “Santos”, along with Jaeger-LeCoultre having the infamous “Reverso”. These designs are sophisticated and this Oris Rectangular Automatic watch showcases that elegance through it’s art-deco and colourful new styles.

The features included:

Holding the Swiss-made Oris Calibre 561 automatic movement, with a 38-hour power reserve leaves this watch in high ranking on our list of Oris watches you need. For a dress watch, it needs a comfortable, yet stylish strap, and this watch delivers with a buckle-fastening blue calf leather strap, blending seamlessly with the blue dial. Lastly, the Oris Rectangular automatic has a 30m water resistance depth, which is pretty good for a tasteful dress watch.

Oris Aquis Date Upcycle Automatic

BUY NOW – £2,000

Why this watch?

As we briefly mentioned in the introduction of this post, Oris has long been collaborating with impactful and positive organisations and helping them achieve certain missions and goals. This Oris Aquis Date Upcycle, is an indication and an insight into the work they have been progressing onward with, using recycled plastic from the ocean, to create a unique dial in every watch throughout this collection – theoretically making each individual watch different from one another. Not to mention the Aquis collection already being robust and durable yet simplistic and subtle. Definitely one to consider for the collection.

The features included:

This Diver watch has a water resistance of 300m (30 bar), which is what you’d expect from a diving watch, but nonetheless it’s still impressive, and a feat in which many of us won’t need to reach in our lifetimes – but it’s always nice knowing we have the option. The case diameter is 41.5mm with a lug width of 22mm. Housed inside the case is the Swiss-made Oris Calibre 733 automatic movement with 38-hour power reserve.

Oris Cervo Volante Big Crown Pointer Date Automatic

BUY NOW – £1,800

Why this watch?

The Oris Big Crown is known widely throughout the watch community and is definitely a hot pick for the amid watch collector. In this particular case the Cervo Volante collaboration (who are a Swiss accessories brand who repurposes the deerskin that is a by-product of the country’s hunting season), has been beneficial in terms of maintaining sustainability in the products we buy and use, and they have done it in style with the contrast of the brown strap and luxurious green dial.

The features included:

The Oris big crown X Cervo Volante has been a hit among the world of horology. The model comes with a Swiss-made Oris 754 automatic movement with 38-hour power reserve, along with a buckle-fastening brown deer leather strap, expressing that luxury through ecological means.

Oris Hangang Limited Edition Automatic

BUY NOW – £2,100

Why this watch?

This is another model which demonstrates Oris’ bigger picture goals and their well picked collaborative projects, as this watch is in partnership with Seoul KFEM, which is part of the Korea Federation for Environmental Movements, to help clean up the Hangang River and raise awareness about pollution in the area. Having a watch which is helping raise awareness for a good project, whilst also having a luxurious design and feel to it resonates with the saying “kill two birds with one stone”. The Oris Hangang watch showcases its luxurious feel with the sun-brushed green dial.

The features included:

With a luxurious sun-brushed green dial such as this, there’s not too many other features which need to be highlighted. However, to accompany such elegance, we have a multi-piece stainless steel case home to the green ceramic bezel, which blends all elements together effortlessly. The case diameter is 43mm and the strap width is 24mm.

Oris ProPilot Altimeter Automatic

BUY NOW – £5,250

Why this watch?

Something a little different with this last Oris watch. For the more outgoing and adventurous type, with a carbon fibre/ black PVD titanium case, along with it being the world’s only model to bring together an automatic movement with a mechanical altimeter, which allows you to measure the altitude up to 19,700 feet. Pretty impressive, now we know why the price tag is a little higher than the previous models we have shown you. Although the watch is also not fit for smaller wrist sizes such as my own, as the case diameter is 47mm.

The features included:
Other than the 47mm case diameter just mentioned, this Oris watch has a Swiss-made Oris 973, base SW 300-1 automatic movement with 56-hour power reserve, with a frequency of 28,800 vph. Along with a buckle-fastening dark-green canvas strap to accompany the sapphire crystal glass protecting the dial. The watch is all round robust and durable, and fits in line with the first statement we made surrounding the adventurous type of man its targeted at.

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