These are the 15 best automatic watches to buy

I was wearing an Omega Speedmaster the other day, and thought why don’t I put this in a watch winder to keep this watch ticking when I’m not wearing it, but then I realised it was manual winding – and this lead me to think about what are some of the best automatic watches which I can buy for my watch winder?

Automatic watches are powered by motion, this can be when on your wrist, or rotating in devices such as a watch winder. We at Lux Horology love a high quality watch that will be durable and last for years – and that’s why we have put together 15 of the best automatic watches for you to choose from. If you’re looking for a watch that will keep on ticking even if you haven’t wound it, then review this list of 15, and see if there are any you like.

What are the best automatic watches to buy?


BUY NOW – £15,950

Why is this watch special?

The Chronomat has been around for many decades – as it was introduced in 1984, which was an era where quartz watches were the go to ones to buy because of their cheap and reliable tendencies. However, Breitling excluded the quartz idea and created this spectacular timepiece. It marked the return of mechanical watches, and helped to develop and build Breitling’s global brand reputation.

What are the standout features this watch includes? This stunning Breitling Chronomat timepiece displays it’s beauty through the wonderful features it holds. Firstly, the case is made out of 18ct rose gold – so if you are looking for a high quality and durable watch that will last many generations, this watch is sure to fit your criteria. In addition to that, this watch has a 200m water resistant depth, along with a rubber strap for comfort and adaptability – so don’t fear about taking this watch to unheard depths, because it can cope.


BUY NOW – £250

Why is this watch special?

An affordable automatic watch created by Seiko – true masters of horology and designing fashionable, yet timeless timepieces. It’s been 50 years, and the Seiko 5 is still delivering excellence in the form of reliability, durability and the overall performance it gives.

What are the standout features this watch includes?

With a 100m water resistant depth, you can be sure bring out the adventure in you, and enjoy the finer things in life, all whilst maintaining an affordable lifestyle. The blue and red dial/ bezel creates this sporty feeling, but the polished stainless steel case allows for robustness and a feeling of luxury. The two contrast and compliment each other well, so you can wear this watch in all environments.


BUY NOW – £5,840

Why is this watch special?

OMEGA has consistently produced high quality timepieces, which capture the essence of swiss watchmaking within each and every piece since 1848 – and this limited edition Railmaster is no exception. Providing an elegant and simplistic design, with features to make this watch irresistible.

What are the standout features this watch includes?

This timepiece offers a resistance to magnetic fields of up to 15,000 gauss. The stainless steel case and bracelet, allow for robustness as well as adding a sense of luxury to the watch – which will certainly grab the attention of the eyes around you. In addition to this, the arrow style hands add a wonderful touch, and increases the characteristics this watch holds.


BUY NOW – £1,390

Why is this watch special?

Adventure, freedom and independence are the three collections Norqain has – founded in 2018, this luxury watch brand has hit the ground running, taking the watch world by storm. This timepiece is truly stunning display of swiss luxury watchmaking, and you’ll be glad you bought one.

What are the standout features this watch includes?

An automatic movement allows for a continuous tick when in motion – so you can be sure to have a reliable timepiece when out on your adventures. Not only does the aesthetic of this piece look beautiful, but it also features an incredible 100m water resistant depth, perfect for exploring natures elements. The washed out leather dial connects this watch together and also allows for comfort when on your wrist.


BUY NOW – £1,560

Why is this watch special?

A beautiful and unique design with an 80 hour power reserve, perfect for those of you who are always on the go. The sleek look resonates throughout this watch and allows for a gentle and subtle display of innovation, through the use luxury swiss watchmaking. Not only do you feel that luxurious energy, but you also feel a more personal connection, through the use of an open view of the automatic movement inside, on the caseback.

What are the standout features this watch includes?

A triangular shaped dial creates this element of uniqueness, and grabs the viewers attention just by glance. The slopes, angular steps and contours, capture the centre piece dial, which is protected by sapphire crystal glass. With a 50m water resistant depth, it ensures you that whatever environment you’re in, this watch will live on to tell the stories. You’re looking for comfort? Well this timepiece has a rubber strap to make sure that whatever situation you’re in, you will be comfortable – not only does it add comfort but it also allows for adaptability.


BUY NOW – £475

Why is this watch special?

A stunning design, which is designed for divers who want to explore deeper depths, and push themselves to the limits. Which intertwines with Briston, and how they pursue to push themselves to the limits of innovation, creativity and excellence within the watchmaking standards they produce – and again, this timepiece right here displays all of the above.

What are the standout features this watch includes?

What’s the furthest depth you’ve ever reached? Well if you’re looking to continue to improve your techniques and skills under the water – you’ll need a great companion to help you along the way, and that’s where this watch comes in. With a 200m water resistance depth and the deepest free dive ever to be recorded set at 214m, you can be sure to explore new depths and discover things you never thought you would be able too, all whilst accompanied with a reliable and durable timepiece.


BUY NOW – £899

Why is this watch special?

Victorinox was founded in 1884, and have been producing high quality swiss watches and knives ever since. The style of the dial is what makes this watch stand out, as it’s in similarity to the swiss officers knife – and the overall polished look of the stainless steel throughout, allows this watch to be placed here on this list.

What are the standout features this watch includes?

Victorinox have set a certain standard for all of their products over the years and this doesn’t exclude the watches. So you wont be surprised as to why this watch has a 200m water resistant depth included – allowing you to explore at natures request. Not only this, the chamfered bezel adds a lot of character to this watch – highlighting the cutting edge design, as well as the automatic movement, which can be viewed upon through the open view caseback.


BUY NOW – £10,600

Why is this watch special?

A spectacular display of luxurious materials and innovation carried out through the designing and creativity from Zenith – with 18ct rose gold being flourished throughout. So you’re looking for a beautiful automatic dress watch? Then look no further, as this timepiece is sure to compliment yourself and attract the eyes of many – all whilst being a great investment piece.

What are the standout features this watch includes?

Looking for a high quality watch? Don’t worry, because this Zenith masterpiece includes an 18ct rose gold case, which shines luxury, which resonates throughout. Not only do the high quality materials ensure durability, but the 50m water resistant allows for that extra little bit which caters for all environments.


BUY NOW – £5,050

Why is this watch special?

You would think it would be quite hard for the dial of this piece to standout due to the colours, gradients and materials of the surrounding elements, but actually it’s an exquisite centre piece which catches the eyes right between the outer red lining.

Inspired by the Mille Miglia race which takes place in Italy every year, which you can tell from the dashboard theme dial – allows this timepiece to be a great homage, and an exclusive watch which I’m sure everyone would love to own.

What are the standout features this watch includes?

The rubber strap has been designed to almost take hints of a tyre on a car so you can feel that connection to the race – and especially the theme of racing, when wearing this watch. Not only does this timepiece take you back to a time where life was much simpler, and the enjoyment of racing was paramount, but it also allows you to bring out your more adventurous side – with the 100m water resistant depth included, you can take this watch anywhere.


BUY NOW – £24,000

Why is this watch special?

A sleek cutting edge timepiece which brings out the innovative and creative spark which CZAPEK have – it carries such simplicity, but a powerful tone of luxury is presented through this watches design and the homage it pays to the English explorer Sir Francis Drake.

What are the standout features this watch includes?

The unique dial this watch has, is named the “Stairway to Eternity” which is in contrast to the idea of the Drake passage being one of the most challenging places to navigate through, with stormy seas and icy conditions. The peaceful tranquillity this watch brings, allows you to understand and pay honour to Sir Francis Drake.

With a 120m water resistant depth, it means you can explore places and depths you’ve never experienced before, and what better way to do it with this stunning timepiece on your wrist. Stainless steel is used for the case and bracelet for absolute robustness and durability, especially in harsh conditions such as those in the Drake passage.


BUY NOW – £815

Why is this watch special?

Bringing a mysterious but fashionable style timepiece to life is this Tissot T-Sport watch, perfect for all occasions whether that be to work, or on a mountain hike in the Lake District – and it’s there for the taking.

What are the standout features this watch includes?

With an astounding 200m water resistant depth, this timepiece certainly brings those of you who love exploring to the edge of your seat. With such a stylish design, and features such as the rubber strap for comfort and versatility, and the stainless steel case for robustness, you cant really go wrong.


BUY NOW – £3,395

Why is this watch special?

Designed by Bremont’s Nick and Giles English, this timepiece is sure to be one for the collection – with their aviation roots, this watch is a great piece of diving equipment, but also a stylish everyday timepiece, which can be worn in all environments.

What are the standout features this watch includes?

A uni-directional bezel is an important attribute this watch has equipped, and it allows for crucial timekeeping when in the water – especially with it’s 300m water resistant depth, a truly impressive sum for the exploration of the waters allows you to reach new depths. Is it durable? It’s definitely a durable and robust watch with sapphire crystal glass protecting the dial, as well as a classic folding buckle alongside the stainless steel case and bracelet – to protect you from any unwanted damage.


BUY NOW – £1,120

Why is this watch special?

Designed for precision accuracy, this watch has brought innovative and creative aspects to go along with the wonderful features it brings to the table. Are you looking for an everyday watch? A watch with great accuracy and perfect for all occasions? Then get your notebook out and add this to the Wishlist.

What are the standout features this watch includes?

Will it cater for the environments? Yes, yes it will, it holds a stainless steel case, and has a water resistant depth of up to 100m, perfect for your outdoor self. Not only that, but the white stitched lining on the black leather strap, incorporates all of the elements this timepiece displays, together. What’s our favourite fine detail? The beautiful design of the hands, especially the second hand – adding a wonderful touch of character.


BUY NOW – £6,050

Why is this watch special?

This timepiece honours the work of Cousteau Society and the mission they have set themselves upon, to protect the marine life for generations of species to come. With a design specification to meet the needs of diving explorers.

What are the standout features this watch includes?

First of all, this watch features a 300m water resistant depth, so we weren’t kidding when we said this watch is designed for divers – and if that’s you, you’re in luck, because it holds a rotating bezel for crucial timekeeping, as well as super LumiNova coated hands and indexes for clearer visibility when in dark environments.

15. REC WATCHES 901 03

BUY NOW – £1,211

Why is this watch special?

With a unique blend of material and colours being used, this watch certainly grabs your attention with it’s overall aesthetics. But what makes this timepiece so special? it’s the fact the dial is made out of a piece of a salvaged Porsche 911 – making every single piece unique, which is a wonderful touch to add, and builds up the character immensely.

What are the standout features this watch includes?

Featuring a 30m water resistant depth, means you can be adventurous all whilst having a reliable timepiece to keep on ticking. The standout attribute this watch holds is the piece of the Porsche 911 in the dial, it really connects you the world of cars and motorsports, and maybe you own a Porsche 911, and can wear this whilst driving – a true homage to the spectacular designs of both elements.

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