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On this weeks “Watch of the Week”, we take a look at the Junghans Meister Chronoscope – it’s simplistic, it’s sleek, and it’s subtle. If those words get you excited, then take a look at some of the history and specifications in which come attached to that. We delve into the features of this watch, and we present to you, the different elements highlighted within this timepiece.

A modern classic which homes in on that vintage design. If you’re reading this, you are most likely wanting to find out more on the “Junghans Meister Chronoscope”, maybe because you’re wanting to purchase one, or you are just interested in the watch as a whole – either way, we hope you take away a thing or two, and leave with a clearer mind, or a more knowledgeable one. Let’s dive right in.


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This watch really shines the luxurious PVD-coated stainless steel case, as if it’s gold. The timeless appeal of the modern classic look this watch radiates, links back to the design of the 1930s, adding a hint of vintage aroma too.

Not only have Junghans executed this watch to look like a classic and sophisticated timepiece, but they have also incorporated that sporty element too. Which is perfect for the gentleman who doesn’t mind getting active in between work etc.

This Meister Chronoscope holds some interesting features and elements, such as the bowl-like auxiliary dial, which has perfectly aligned sub-dials and a date window, along with the day wheel too. Now instead of telling you here, we’ll discuss each individual element a little further below, starting off with the dial.


A beautiful dial to say the least, it’s symmetrical in terms of the positioning of the sub-dials, date window, as well as the day wheel. Which all sit snug in the bowl-like auxiliary dial, the little increment you can see between the end of the indices and the beginning of the features in the centre is where it dips. This dip creates a sense of depth, and adds character to the watch as a whole. If you imagine the watch without it, you immediately want to change it back.

The matte-silver dial, as we mentioned above, comes equipped with date and day windows, a stop function, and chronographs with counters. All of these functions are really meant to pop out at you. And this is because the dial actually slopes towards the edges, which, along with the domed sapphire crystal glass, makes for this sloped like effect, almost creating a 3D-image of an already 3D object. If you want to see what this looks like in action check out the video at the end of this article. Or click here for a shortcut.


The PVD-coated stainless steel case is 40.7mm in diameter, 13.9mm in thickness, and has a lug width of 21mm. At the top of this article, we said this watch is simplistic, sleek and subtle, and you can start to understand why, beginning with the dimensions of the watch.

Having a sleek and subtle watch is a must for some, and if that sounds like a bit of you, then this watch certainly fits that criteria. The case is thin, polished and contoured to perfection, and it also has the crown and 3 pushers for those of you wanting to make use of the functions.

I know you can’t see right now, but the case also has an exhibition caseback, which allows you to admire the automatic movement held inside – an exhibition caseback is always a joy to see on timepieces, because it just makes you appreciate the craftmanship even more, so bravo to Junghans for including that.


A quick side note – you can see the exhibition caseback, and the automatic movement which brings the watch to life… just a touch on the previous section. Anyway, back to the strap.

This PVD-coated buckle-fastening black horse leather strap, gives you all the quality and comfort you’d ever need. Not only does it allow for that fit snug on your wrist, but it also contrasts wonderfully with the PVD-coated stainless steel case.

The buckle and two loops add that extra security (and also makes sure there’s no strap sticking out), which means that you can wear this watch when partaking in any sort of activity – linking back to the idea of this being a sophisticated, yet sporty watch.


The Junghans Meister Chronoscope comes equipped with a Calibre J880.1 automatic movement, and is full of functionality. It has a Anti-magnetic resistance which meets the requirements of DIN 8309. Which is accompanied by the Incabloc shock protection system, along with the Nivachoc shock absorber system.

The diameter of the Calibre J880.1 is 30mm, and holds 25 jewels throughout. It also is home to a 48-hour power reserve, and a frequency of 28,800 Vph – highlighting, not only that precision, but also the reliability.


Case material – PVD-coated stainless steel

Movement type – Calibre J880.1 automatic movement

Water resistant depth – 30m (3 bar)

Strap material – PVD-coated buckle-fastening black leather strap (Horse)

Power reserve – 48-hour power reserve

Case diameter – 40.7mm

Case thickness – 13.9mm

Lug width – 21mm

Reference number027/7023.01

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