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The beloved Seiko SKX031J, is a beautiful and classy looking watch, which radiates that sense of luxury, all whilst being affordable – and that’s the reason why it’s so special. It’s not a knock off, and its not just a show watch, as it holds incredible functionalities.

We at Lux Horology enjoy the luxury in life, but if we can get it at a fraction of the cost, then we will. This Seiko SKX031J is a rare timepiece, which you’ll most likely find on forums or marketplaces such as eBay, which can be frustrating when you just want to buy it. However, the wait is worth it, as it is one of my favourite watches to wear on a daily basis.

We will go over the qualities in which this Seiko SKX031J holds, as well as highlighting the beauty of it, through it’s design and functionalities it comes equipped with.

The Specifications of the Seiko SKX031J:

Case size – 40mm

Case material – Stainless steel

Movement – 7S36 automatic movement

Water resistance – 100 metres

Country/ region of manufacture – Japan

Strap material – Stainless steel

Number of jewels – 21 jewels

Indices – Non-numeric hour marks

Year manufactured – 2000-2009

Strap width – 22mm

Case thickness – 12mm

Lug width – 22mm

The characteristic dial

When we first look at the watch, the standout feature in which we set eyes upon first is the stunning dial. It’s simplistic but maintains so much character, that every time you look at it, it makes you lose your train of thought. If we take a little bit of a deeper dig, we can start to point out individual aspects, such as the English and Arabic day wheel located directly next to the date indicator. It’s a subtle touch, that allows you to enjoy the aesthetics as well as the language involved. In addition to this, the non-numeric hour markers are also a great characteristic in which you only really notice when you look a lot closer.

Additionally, the uni-directional bezel is a great feature, in which allows for crucial timekeeping to be of a priority. The design of the scale is precise and simple, which really boosted the ease of use, when it came down to this watch.

The thin width of the watch

Having a thin width allows for this sleek look and feel to shine through, and it means you can maintain that fashionable style, all whilst wearing a suitable watch for diving. I almost prefer this thinner feel than to watches included in the Seiko Prospex collection for example, where the case is a bit bulkier and would suit a bigger wrist.

Not only does it the thin feel add a sense of luxury and subtleness, but it also allows for the rugged bezel design to really pop. Having a ribbed bezel adds so much character, and you can understand this, when you imagine the watch without it. Even though it compliments other components and areas of the watch incredibly well, it’s main function, is to allow for an rotation when underwater or in harsh conditions etc. This is one of those details people would usually look right past, but I think it’s such an important one to take notice of.

Displaying the oyster bracelet.

A beautiful stainless steel oyster bracelet compliments the case of this watch incredibly well. It leads into the lugs seamlessly, and it makes the curves and edges of the case shine, even when it’s not in the light. Having an oyster bracelet, and not a jubilee, makes this watch feel even more robust and secure when wearing it too.

Furthermore, the ribbed crown is comfortably sat in between and protected by the two lug style extrusions coming out the side of the case. This ensured to me that the crown was not going to be damaged, and I felt confident about this, in whatever task or activity I was partaking in.

Highlighting the luminous hands and indexes.

When it came to darker environments, such as checking the time in the middle of the night, when waking up to get some water… (this happened several times) it was really easy to know what the time was due to the luminous hands and indexes. This is also important when underwater, as light conditions are extremely low – therefore, it’s nice to know that the time will still be easy to read.

Highlighting the buckle on the clasp.

The buckle on the clasp is extremely strong, and it felt very secure even when it wasn’t clicked into position, leaving the clasp to be very strong when engaged too. This is an important aspect and attribute of the Seiko SKX031J, as it ensures divers etc. that they should feel confident when underwater, as the clasp will maintain it’s structure even when hit or knocked.

Even if you’re not a diver, or someone who is always in strenuous situations or activities, it is still extremely useful. This is because it’s perfect for the man who just wants to wear this watch on a daily basis, and complete general tasks everyday, without the worry of the clasp being nimble and fragile.

The sleek clasp

The clasp is sleek, and does the job. Robust in structure and allows for full confidence in the man wearing it, and in the watches ability to maintain it’s position, even when in harsh conditions etc. I felt that the clasp was sometimes a little hard to get off, but I’m not complaining because it made me appreciate the strength it held.

Overall, it’s a great timepiece which focuses on the needs of the wearer. It is beautiful in design, and rich in functionality, meaning you can wear it wherever you like, whenever you want. For me personally, I would find myself getting distracted just by looking at the watch. It is genuinely one of my favourite everyday watches to wear, due to it’s simplistic but full-of character design, and the functions in which I was able to use.

Advantages –

Robust enough for everyday wear

100m water resistant depth

Automatic movement

Uni-directional bezel

Date indicator

Day wheel

Stainless steel case and strap



Extra pictures of the Seiko SKX031J:

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