Are Casio watches worth it? Here’s what you need to know

Casio has long been providing the world with innovative electronics. From its ground-breaking calculators in the 1940s to medical devices and musical instruments, the transformative business has pushed the boundaries of the electronics industry, creating quality Casio products at affordable prices. 

Casio first emerged from post-war Japan and created its most successful product, the Casio watch, in 1974. They even created one of the first mobile prototypes with a Casio calculator watch in the 70s. Here’s why you should buy a Casio watch over other, more ‘prestigious’ brands.

High Quality For Low Prices

Casio transformed the watch industry with its ability to mass-produce sturdy and stylish digital watches. They have long been pioneers of quality digital watch production, incorporating radio-controlled timekeeping in the 1990s and smartwatch tech from 2016 onwards. Casio watches are high-quality technology for a price tag that can come under under £100.

Robust & Long-Lasting Time Pieces

Casio watches are built with durability in mind. Their G-shock range resists against centrifugal forces, high water pressure, and high impact. Many are resistant up to 200 metres in water but cost less than £400. If it does break, it also costs substantially less to replace than more expensive luxury brands.

They Are Still Popular

Despite the lower price tag, they are still incredibly popular among A-listers. Kristen Stewart, Lady Gaga, Selena Gomez, Bill Gates, and even Pope Francis have been seen wearing Casio watches. That means if you’re looking for a watch that’s incredibly well-known and popular amongst celebrities, you’re still getting this with a Casio watch.

They Are Versatile

Casio watches are built for every kind of occasion. The G-shock range is designed for sports or high-intensity environments yet is considered a fashion piece by A-listers. The original Casio watches are now considered vintage timepieces suitable for almost all occasions. Casio watches are versatile pieces where the same watch can be worn on many different occasions.

Huge Range Of Designs

Casio watches range from the bright-yellow G-shock to an eclectic range, including gold and purple vintage designs. Whether you want a silver timepiece to match your jewellery or a discrete black watch for sports, the vast range of designs means you will always find a Casio for your desired occasion.

Many High-End Features

Casio watches offer a vast range of features for a lot less money. The G-shock range has built-in altimeters, compasses, Bluetooth connectivity, timezone comparers, and a world timer. Casio’s are powered by solar energy, giving them a longer battery life, and operate as a stopwatch, an alarm, and a countdown timer. And because Casio lasts for years, you benefit from using all these superior features for a long time.

Great Information Delivery

A Casio watch can tell you how fast you’re moving, how high you are, what music you’re listening to, and where in the world you are. You could be climbing Mount Everest, and it would be able to tell you your altitude. No matter where you are in the world and the climate you’re navigating, a Casio watch can still tell you the necessary information.

Survives Everything

Because Casio’s are designed for high-impact, high-altitude and high-water resistance, they will likely survive everything. You can drop it in the mud during a hike, hit it with a tennis racket, or drop it at ten metres, and it will still tell you the time. The Casio mechanism is cased in a foam module so that it won’t be damaged in most situations.

It Feels Unique

Despite Casio watches being mass-produced worldwide, they still feel unique. The sheer range of colours, features, designs, and durability makes it easy to find a Casio with a unique design. It’s hard to get this sensation outside of some of the more high-end luxury brands, so finding it in a brand that can cost you under £100 is particularly special. You can get that luxury feel in a timepiece that won’t cost you thousands of pounds.

Final Thoughts

Casio watches offer high quality and affordability in the same timepiece. They last for years, making them an ideal investment and are incredibly popular. Casio survives drops, high altitudes, and water and can deliver information anywhere. The multitude of features and designs means that you will find it in Casio no matter what you’re looking for in a watch.

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