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This question is asked by so many people, and the answer is simple. It’s up to you. What we mean by that, is the fact that it is genuinely up to you, we cant sit here and tell you how much to spend on your watch but we can do, is recommend different ways and ideas, which help you formulate your answer.

How much Money should you Buy a Watch for?

1. Can you afford it?

Can you afford it?

One of the first ways in which you can start to gage an estimate of how much you should spend, is to think about yourself and ask the question, can I really afford it? And that doesn’t just mean, do I have enough money, but more so to do with a long term affect it might have (if you were buying an expensive watch that is). For instance, if you are not sure about your work or your income isn’t stable every month, going out and spending thousands on a watch might not be a wise choice. By going out – we mean moving from one room to another in your house to order a watch online, the crux of COVID-19 sort of stopped the ‘going out’ part.

Subsequently, it’s not all negative, you can still find beautifully crafted watches which have incredible specifications for just a few hundred pounds. This can be a much more affordable, and an enjoyable way to get the most out of your desired watch. Watches don’t have to be worth the price of a small house – and in some cases the price of mansions, for you to enjoy and appreciate them. It all depends on your style and the idea of the perfect watch. “how to choose the best watch for you”, is another article which goes more in depth about the choice.

2. The Investment in watches

The investment in watches

Next up is the investment side of watches and how it can be beneficial for you. A purchase of an ever growing value increase in a watch, is a smart idea, not all watches will increase in value, however a lot of them do. This also relates to the idea of antique mechanical clocks, and how not so many production companies are creating them. You see a lot more repair and restoration processes taking place such as ‘The BBC Repair Shop’. Hence why their value will always be increasing, due to their rarity and the fact they were made 100s of years ago. Similarly to watches, the high end luxury watch companies take 100s if not thousands of hours to create a single timepiece, and that’s what makes them so rare and almost one of a kind, as they only produce a small quantity. One, because they take such a long time to create, and two because it allows the rarity to increase, therefore, adding to the value.

So if you are finding that you shouldn’t buy a watch because it’s too expensive, in a couple years time the value will have increased, and if you were to wait a long time you could potentially make a huge profit.

3. How often are you going to wear it?

How often are you going to wear it?

In this section of the article we’re talking about your need for the watch, and how much money you should spend depending on this. Firstly, if you were to wear the watch everyday of the week, then splashing out an extra couple hundred or thousand pounds wouldn’t hurt so much, especially if it was a good investment piece. But in saying this, if you’re not planning to, or you don’t think you will, it can still be a good idea to purchase the higher end watches, albeit looking after it, as it’s a good investment.

Moreover, if you’re just looking for a reliable and durable watch which will be worn most days, but you’re not really a watch person, then go for something a bit cheaper. There are so many great watches for a much cheaper price which have impeccable specifications, whilst still having those qualities you want and need from a well respected watch brand. Take Seiko for example, their watches are sleek and fashionable, as well as having cheaper options, which appeal to so many. They also retain their customers, not because they need to buy another watch because they broke theirs, but because they love the watches in which Seiko produce.

4. What type of watch should you buy?

What type of watch should you buy?

Depending on what your occupation is and what you do for a living, there are plenty of watches which will fit the role you’re looking for. First up, if you are someone who participates in strenuous activities all day, such as the sports industry, then think about getting a cheaper watch (still good quality though) and one which is durable and robust. This will be important, not only for the survival of your watch, but also your ability to use it, as if it was cheap and poor quality, it’s just not going to work out for you.

In contrary to this, when working in the environments, that’s still being very active, therefore, something a bit more expensive is required. For example, a diver or ocean explorer is definitely going to want (and need) a high specification diving watch, which you can check out in our other article… “Top 5 Divers Watches 2021”. This is to get the best out of your activities and maximise the potential of yourself and your work. Not only that, but also about being safe, when it gets dark the further down you go, it’s important your watch has super-Lumi-Nova pointers and hands, for better visibility. This goes for other environments too.

In addition to this, if you’re someone who works in an office and is not as active during the day, then think about a more expensive, but reliable watch which will keep accuracy a top priority for you. An example of this, might be an Omega Speedmaster, they’re modest and have great specifications, as well as having the good old story of being the first watch on the moon – a great one to tell when someone asks about your watch. Not only does a great timepiece improve the quality in the design and accuracy aspect, it also displays sophistication, something which would look great walking into a meeting, having something presentable is important, so consider what might be good for you.

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