How to display your luxury watch collection

Watch enthusiasts will know how this question relates to them, as they probably are questioning this scenario in their own house, and wondering where to put all of their watches. As they also know, they wont ever have enough watches…once a watch enthusiast, always an enthusiast. It’s just about growing your collection, everyone has to start somewhere, just like anything in life.

This is How to Display your Watch Collection Properly

1. How much room have you got?

How much room have you got available?

Now I know you’re probably looking at these pictures and thinking, what relevance do they have? But in actual fact they are quite important at highlighting the advantages, as well as the issues.

You can own a watch collection, and you can live wherever you want, that’s just a fact. Obviously you have to have money to buy these watches and your house, but that’s not to say it’s not possible. Some people live in a pretty modest house and have a rather desired watch collection, but it’s an anomaly in most cases. So it’s pretty obvious that if you live in the house with the swimming pool, you’re probably going to be a lot wealthier than the average person, therefore, it does become easier to build up your watch collection and store them in expensive watch winders…in your multi million pound closets.

But not to fear, because us at Lux Horology, enjoy luxury in all forms. So if you live somewhere which isn’t a mansion, and is a family home and it’s cosy and it suits you, you can still start your watch collection. The mission will be harder, but hard works fun…right?

If you have any empty closets, or even just an empty drawer which you can fit your watches in, then that’s a great starting point. Make sure you clean your closet and maybe buy some new hangers, to fit in with the new theme you’re going for. This will be a good start-up for your watch collection to have somewhere to live.

2. Setting up the style of your watch collection

Setting up the style of your watch collection

Your collection needs to be well represented and it deserves to be inside a watch winder, watch holder, or just on something which will allow for no scratching, as well as being able for you to present them neatly. Watch winders are your best bet for excellent and luxurious display, but also to keep your watches wound. The only problem, is that they can get really expensive, so looking for a cheaper alternative wouldn’t be a bad idea.

In addition, the surroundings of your watch collection are important, as you have to be able to highlight the luxury throughout, not just the watches, but also the things which are accompanying them.

We all wish that we could sit down with a crystal engraved glass and drink scotch from it, whilst relaxed in our leather chair next to our mahogany table, which has an automatic mechanism which slowly reveals the watch collection, as if we’re in a Bond film. But that’s simply not going to happen is it…we can dream at least. Maybe one day.

This idea is something to think about when designing and creating your own display. Things such as the colours – as you see above, the green element would allow for a luxurious watch display, simply because it matches, as well as green being a warm rich colour. So when you put some thought into your own, think about your overall design of the display and how the colour can affect the way it is perceived. Dark colours usually work better, but again, it’s your own preference.

3. How much will it cost to setup the watch display?

How much will it cost?

The cost of this is going to be expensive. If we included your watches, we couldn’t tell you, as we don’t know how many, nor the worth of each of your watches are, but what we can estimate is the high quality watch display. This will include watch winders and the luxury materials. You can get a high quality 6-8 piece watch winder, which will set you back around £2500-£3200. And any other luxury materials will average depending on your own personal situation, but it could be easily manged at the lower end of the spectrum with £300, just as much as it can be managed with £2000. It all depends on your own personal style and how much you’re willing to spend to make the luxurious watch display you’ve always wanted.

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