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The iconic Laurent Ferrier Traveller, designed for the man who’s always on the go, yet the man who is sophisticated and often attends formal events. This watch incorporates some incredible functionalities, hence why it’s being featured on “Watch of the Week”.

If you’re after a luxury watch, which not only looks stunning with it’s 18-karat red gold case, but also carry’s that level of sophistication, which will set you apart from others – well you’re definitely in the right place… that’s for sure. We’ll go through each of the specifications this watch holds, as well as giving you a little information on why it’s so special… well, not a little bit of information, because the entirety of the watch is important. Anyway, let’s get into it.


What makes this Laurent Ferrier Traveller watch so special?

BUY NOW – £60,480

This stunning Laurent Ferrier Traveller piece, is the perfect companion for any man, but especially the man who is always on the go. The good looks this timepiece holds, as well as the high quality materials involved, instantly draws you towards the overall aesthetics, but that’s not all this Laurent Ferrier watch has – as it features something far more special.

That “special something” is the dual time zone complication – a complication, in which so many amid watch collectors, but also amid travellers, often love to get their hands on. The home time is kept via the aperture in the 9 o’clock position, and the main dial keeps the local time – which can be jumped quickly through the use of the two pushers.

Let’s move onto the individual specifications, and discuss the rest of the features involved throughout the timepiece.


The satin-brushed black dial allows for that 18-karat red gold case to really shine. Not only that, but it means the hands and indices can be displayed effectively, with razer sharp precision and almost a vibrant glow if you like. The attention to detail throughout the dial is incredible – including a long “silky” minute hand, and I say silky, because that’s what it reminds me of when I lay eyes upon it, due to it’s smooth and curved texture.

The dial comes equipped with a date indicator located in the 3 o’clock position, as well as a home time aperture located in the 9 o’clock position. Additionally, it also comes with the red gold-toned painted minute track, which is located in the 6 o’clock position.

Lastly, as we mentioned above in regards to the brushed dial effect, we just want to touch on the fact that the centre dial has a vertical brushed feel and look, whereas if we look towards the edge we can notice the switch in direction between the two. This allows for that extra bit of character to shine, all whilst keeping it simplistic and not too overcrowded.

If you’re after that simplistic, yet sophisticated dial, then keep reading, my friend – because I’m sure there will be plenty more where that came from.


The stunning 18-karat red gold case captures that beauty perfectly. Incorporating a seamless, almost dome like Sapphire glass crystal, which blends all the elements involved, with ease. The crown isn’t screw down, and just needs to be popped open for the adjustments and manual winding.

After a slim and comfortable fit on the wrist? Well, you’re in luck, because this Laurent Ferrier Traveller holds a case diameter of 41mm and a case height of 12.64mm. These measurements highlight the simplicity and subtleness of the watch, as it’s not too bulky, nor too small.

The lugs are smoothly curved towards your wrist, which in turn, allows for a comfortable positioning whilst your wearing it. It also means that if you do have a smaller wrist for example, you’ll be able to wear this without the worry of the lugs sticking out either end. A respectable lug width of 20mm is present on this Laurent Ferrier Traveller, where the strap sits snug, which leads us on nicely… to the strap.


The Tang buckle-fastening brown calf leather strap has that rich and luxurious sense written all over it. Which contrasts beautifully with the 18-karat red gold case – and it’s this contrast which allows for the case and dial to really radiate that sense of luxury due to the “pop” if you like.

Not only does it look incredible, but it also adds an immense amount of comfortability when wearing the watch, as well as increasing the adaptability, and the versatility – especially when in different environments. That’s what makes this Laurent Ferrier Traveller automatic timepiece so special – because it has that ability to change. For example you could easily wear this watch to a dinner party, yet you could also wear it sailing, or for other sporting activities etc.


Wow! I mean, what a spectacle that is eh? The exhibition caseback allows you to admire and appreciate the watchmakers craftsmanship and expertise. Just adding that personal touch to the watch.

The movement found within the 18-karat red gold case walls, is none other than the Swiss-made calibre LF 230.02 automatic movement which had taken them two years to create the fully-integrated, dual-timezone mechanism and date. It holds 41 jewels, has a running frequency of 21,600 Vph – as well as featuring an impressive 72-hour power reserve. A movement such as this, allows you to always be on the go, which is kind of the idea behind the “Traveller”, so the next time you’re jetting off on a business trip or even when you’re sleeping, just know this Laurent Ferrier timepiece will be by your side no matter what.


Case material – 18-karat red gold case

Movement type – Swiss-made calibre LF 230.02 automatic movement

Water resistant depth – 30m (3 bar)

Strap material – Tang buckle-fastening brown calf leather strap

Power reserve – 72-hour power reserve

Case diameter – 41mm

Case height – 12.64mm

Lug width – 20mm

Max strap length – 11.5cm

Min strap length – 7.5cm

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