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Keeping a single automatic watch wound is easy if it’s the only one you own. Wear it every day and the movement of your wrist will keep it going. But what do you do if you have an entire collection of watches?

A watch winder is the watch collector’s best friend. Not only will it keep your watches wound and ready to go, but it will also protect them and display them when you aren’t wearing them. This article will show you all the benefits of investing in a good-quality watch winder to keep your collection in perfect condition.


Any collection of luxury watches deserves luxury storage and preservation. A high-quality watch is an investment as much as it is a fashion statement or a timepiece. Keeping your watches in good condition is an important way to protect your collection for years to come.

The rotation of the winder keeps the movement functional. Inside each watch’s mechanism is a synthetic oil that keeps all the parts moving smoothly. When you wear your watch, the movement of your body keeps the oil moving. If it’s sitting still, you run the risk of letting the oil pool in one place, which could damage the watch.

Using a watch winder will mimic those wrist movements and keep the oil distributed. This will help your watch movement last longer.

You should still take your watches to a trusted horologist for regular maintenance, but keeping them wound is a great way to keep them in good shape between visits.


Watch winders aren’t just good for the inside of your watches. They also protect the outside of the watches from potential damage. Dust and debris can knick the face of your watch or even work its way inside to interfere with the movement.

Throwing a luxury watch in a drawer is a sure-fire way to cover it in scratches and dings. A watch winder will hold each watch securely, out of the way of other watches in the case.

The inside of most watch winders is made out of micro-suede that will help keep your watches smudge-free. While the outside of the case keeps out unwanted dirt, the inside can help wipe away the natural oils your skin leaves behind.

Although a standard display case will do fine to protect the outside, using a watch winder is a two-for-one protection plan.


Wearing the same automatic watch every day is enough to keep it wound perfectly. However, if you have a collection of luxury watches that you rotate between, they could wind down and stop between each use.

An automatic watch winder box will keep every watch in your collection ready to go. You won’t have to choose your watch for the day based on which one is working; you can choose based on style and function, because they will all be accurate all the time.

The best watch winder will combine function with innovative technology to keep your watches in the best possible shape. Battery back-ups, programmable rotations, and timers are all useful features that you can use to customize the winder to your collection.

Different watches have different winding needs, so having a winder that will rotate each watch independently according to its specifications is a good investment.


While timekeeping is the most obvious function of any watch, many luxury watches offer additional features. Perpetual calendars that keep track of the day of the week and the calendar date are a common feature.

It’s relatively easy to reset the time on an automatic watch if it stops, but resetting a perpetual calendar is a much bigger hassle. An automatic watch winder is a simple solution to this problem.

If you don’t wear a particular watch that often, having it constantly wound might seem like it would do more damage than good. Prolonging the life of the watch’s movement trumps the convenience of never having to reset it.

However, high-end watch winders let you set them to rotate your watches for a specific amount of time every day. This keeps them running without over-winding or putting too much strain on the mechanisms. Your watches can tick away in the winder perpetually without issue.


A watch winder box doesn’t have to be purely functional. Winders can be as sophisticated and luxurious as the watches they hold. Whether you want a glass-front case that will show you all your timepieces at a glance, or something more solid, there are endless options.

For a smaller collection, you could display your watches in smaller winders that hold one or two watches at a time. However, if you have a larger collection, there are more elaborate cases that hold a dozen or so watches at once.

Glass, leather, and microsuede are all common materials for a watch winder. You can mix and match these materials to fit your aesthetic and the overall look of your home and wardrobe.

Having a storage method that feels as sophisticated as the watches are is a great way to start your day. Your watches are a demonstration of your taste and preferences; why shouldn’t their storage do the same?

Invest in a Quality Watch Winder

Whether you choose your watch winder for its features, convenience, or aesthetic, using a watch winder box is a good idea.

A luxury watch is about so much more than timekeeping–it’s an investment in yourself. Investing in a high-quality watch winder is just one step in keeping your luxury watch collection in good repair.

We can help take you the rest of the way with regular maintenance, storage tips, and much more. Contact us today with all of your luxury watch questions!

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