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When choosing your watch, you should have your outfit in mind, especially when you’re attending an event, or need to wear more formal clothing. With this being said, let’s take a look at some of the best dress watches, and how they compliment each outfit, as well as why they’re the best ones to accompany you and your wrist.

What we mean by dress watches, is that they are the type of watch which would best be paired with more formal clothes, and the most common one is the leather strap watch – this just reigns in on that style, and compliments the wrist as well as the outfit. If you need some tips on the best dress watches and how to wear them all whilst complimenting your wrist, then read below to find out more.

Starting it off simple but stylish, is the TAG Heuer Monaco:

What are the best dress watches to buy?


BUY NOW – £1,795

The features this watch includes:

A black Alligator strap ensures luxury is of high importance, as well as the stainless steel case which accompanies the highly characteristic dial – including a day date window as well as the bold logo for all to see. The Quartz movement allows for extremely reliable accuracy – so if you’re the man who’s always early, this watch will definitely match your style. In addition to that, if you like to bring out your adventurous side once in a while, this TAG Heuer Monaco will match that, with it’s ability to reach depths of up to 100m.

Why this watch and outfit works? The image on the right is the example of what outfit would be best to wear with this TAG Heuer. The black and white is obviously an easy to spot comparison and anyone could tell you that because they’re the same colour, it is the “perfect pair” but if we look a little bit deeper, we can understand fully, the ways in which this watch can be styled to the highest potential with this outfit. The Monaco is a pinnacle watch for TAG, and was brought to life in 1969, initially in honour of the Monaco Grand Prix – fast forward to now, and this watch remains a true display of TAG Heuer’s excellence. The square case and sophisticated dial deserves a showcasing with intent for a luxury feeling.

When it comes down to the fine details, this watch has a sophisticated character already on display for all to see, this includes the simplistic but effective dial with the logo and day date display present. This character is also combined with the fact that the case is square, which is a more uncommon design to see – not only that, but the Alligator strap adds to that, and creates the overall sense of luxury.

The pairing of this Monaco with a smart black suit is the perfect combination. Things to consider could be the:

  • Tie
  • Shirt
  • Cufflinks
  • Materials

All of the above are things to consider when pairing any watch, just makes sure they stay relevant to the one you’re wearing. This could include a simplistic tie but with a symbol of a simple design, and materials which match or contrast well with your watches materials – these things are good to consider to just solidify the connection between the two.


BUY NOW – £32,300

The features this watch includes:

This stunning timepiece captures the quality it holds within the design, but mostly in the features and specifications it comes equipped with. Firstly, the black Alligator leather strap ensures the high quality standard they have maintained, but it also allows for the rest of the watch to present itself in uniformed fashion – bringing all elements together. The case is created using white gold, which is reflected in the price – not only does that reflect the price, but also the fact there is a limited number of these watches, and to be exact, there are only 4. Lastly, the movement is manual and the watch can reach depths of 50m – so when you want to bring that explorer out of you, you’ll be well equipped.

Why this watch and outfit works?

This outfit isn’t an absolute true reflection of what you should pair to this watch, but it’s more to highlight the colour scheme involved as well as the materials. With a wine red dial as this watch possesses, it would be a smart move to choose something darker and modest. An example would be the use of velvet – this combination unleashes the luxury essence which is otherwise being held within.

A red and black colour scheme is perfect, as it connects to the watch well, but don’t go too bright with the jacket or it could overpower the watch, that’s why we think a black suit jacket would allow for this timepiece to stand out more. In contrast to this, we love the wine red bow tie, this adds character to the outfit as a whole, as well as it being an accessory which can match with the watch, so a black jacket with the bow tie is our recommendation – this pairing can be used for other watches too.


BUY NOW – £765

The features this watch includes: This wonderful simplistic but elegant design from Tissot features some great attributes. With a stainless steel case and strap, this timepiece ensures high quality is of top priority. This connects beautifully to the blue dial, which highlights the luxurious feeling when wearing this watch. An automatic movement powers this Tissot, and is capable of 100m under water, which is truly impressive for the price displayed.

Why this watch and outfit works?

The smart/ casual look is the best outfit for the Tissot, especially with the blue trousers, as it matches the beautiful blue dial. The watch is simplistic, so matching that with your outfit is important – maintain the simple elegance but approach it with style in mind. For example the rolled up sleeves are a great touch which highlights the timepiece, but also keeps it casual and formal in synchronization, as well as adding a bit of character. Things such as the tie and cufflinks wouldn’t be needed within this outfit. The reason why this combination works so well is because of the simple but characterization it holds throughout.


BUY NOW – £5,950

The features this watch includes: Limited to only 99 pieces allows for a more rare and exclusive feeling when wearing this watch – and this is something Dubois aim to achieve with all of their timepieces, to create a connection between you and your watch, and giving you the opportunity to understand and appreciate the craftsmanship which has been put into it.

The black leather dial compliments the rugged bezel, creating shadow like displays when in different lighting, as well as the cream dial, which is subtle and resonates a warm feeling. Having a manual movement ensures you that the watch is going to be durable and has longevity in the roots of it. In addition to this, linking back to the leather strap, as well as the stainless steel case this watch has, its proven to be robust against different environments, such as water – and a 50m water resistant depth is an impressive sum, especially when you go to bring your divers side out.

Why this watch and outfit works? The subtle design in which this Dubois watch holds, matches perfectly with this pastel coloured outfit, which is full of character and fine details. The cream dial is one of the main attributes were focusing on, as it links into the idea of the pastel colours as well as standing out against some of the darker colours e.g. green. The use of green within this outfit allows for a luxurious feeling and matches well with the black leather strap. When talking about the materials, the use of leather against a cotton blazer, switches up the dynamic throughout the outfit causing for more attention of each individual aspect.


BUY NOW – £1,195

The features this watch includes: Victorinox have always held great quality within their products, whether that’s their Swiss Army Knives or the watches they have, such as this one. The quality comes from materials they use, as well as the message and values they pride themselves on, so when owning a product from them, you know it’s going to be durable.

The case is made out of carbon which gives you that dark look, as well as being extremely robust and durable – but not only that, it works incredibly well with the dark characteristic dial, which has super LumiNova hands and indexes. Talking about robustness, the rubber strap allows for versatility as well as being durable, especially if you’re wearing this watch in different climates and environments. Lastly, this timepiece can reach up to depths of 200m under water, which is truly impressive, for having such a stylish and stealthy design.

Why this watch and outfit works?

The dark display on the watch is perfect for a dark outfit, but what makes this pairing special, is the vast range of materials being used. The fabric trench coat, as well as the cotton jumper and chino style trousers, allow this rubber and carbon watch to fit right in. This is because the watch has the same shades in colour, but also contrasts other elements due to the material difference – allowing it to stand out, but also blending in as well.


BUY NOW – £68,300

The features this watch includes: This beautiful timepiece has two grand tourbillon escapements on display, shining that luxury throughout. Having a titanium case ensures quality is of the highest standard, and you can be sure this watch will be durable and robust against all environments. The design of this watch has incorporated some exquisite attributes such as the cutting edge sharp feel and look of the case and dial, as well as the 200m water resistant depth it has – truly impressive with the open view dial on display too.

This timepiece resonates the luxury it has within, and would be the perfect match when attending a black tie party, but it also has you covered when in a slightly different environment, such as the sea.

Why this watch and outfit works? The black tie parties and formal events are the perfect places for this watch to be showcased, especially in classy and formal clothing. The black on this watch matches with the dark shades incorporated throughout the outfit, but also the open view dial is for the transparent but bold look – what we mean by that, is the look you go for when you’re the person everybody looks at when walking through the door.


BUY NOW – £535

The features this watch includes: A more affordable, but stylish timepiece, is this Tissot Powermatic – taking a classic look but giving it a new life. Including the leather strap brings this timepiece together, giving each element it’s own limelight. The dial is a standout focal point, which is something people would stop and admire – almost in similarity to a Roger W Smith design. The stainless steel case ensures a robust and durable timepiece which will last for years to come. Last but not least, this watch features a 30m water resistant depth which is appropriate for the reflection of the price.

Why this watch and outfit works? The grey shade on the suit allows the watch to stand out, with it’s silver and black design. In addition to this, the smart and formal clothing which you’d maybe wear to a wedding would be of perfect match for the two to come together.

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