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The tourbillon movement was developed in 1705, but patented in 1801 on June 26th by the French-Swiss watchmaker Abraham-Louis Breguet – an incredible watchmaker who has lead on a legacy in which displays true excellence throughout the timepieces which are continuing to be crafted today. The timepieces listed below are some of the most unique and beautiful designs which have captured, and are carrying forward the essence and luxury of the tourbillon movement, and will do continuously – as it’s an invention which has been etched into the history books.

These are 7 of the Most Unique Tourbillion Watches


BUY NOW – £231,306

Why is this tourbillon watch special? Polished in 18ct rose gold, is what shines this watch into existence, flaunting it’s luxurious value to all. The timepiece is a true reflection in the work of Louis Breguet, and it demonstrates the art of horology in one of its finest dispositions. Limited to only 12 pieces worldwide, allows this watch to be an extremely rare collectors item, which will only increase in value when moving forward.

The features this watch includes:

This timepiece features double inverted tourbillons which are accompanied by a hand painted display of the cosmos, as well as a view of space, a wonderful touch to the watch, adding to that personal side. The wonderful open view of the watch, allows you to appreciate the grand tourbillons, which are truly spectacular to watch (pun intended) – I would just buy this timepiece to look at that all day. In addition to this, the black Alligator leather strap brings this watch together in fashionable style, and means you can wear it with comfort and formal display in mind. Not only does it look incredible, but the quality of materials ensure that the price is a reflection of what you receive – and you can wear this watch in full confidence that it will live up to, and beyond your expectation, with a true class of excellence present throughout.


BUY NOW – £91,900

Why is this tourbillon watch special?

A wonderfully crafted tourbillon timepiece, which shows off it’s truly stunning design and the fashionable peculiarity it possesses. The inspiration this watch has taken some hints from, are the multi-display travel clocks which Angelus were well known for during the time from the 1930s to the 60s. As well as the recognizable, tv inspired case, which has taken it’s shape from the Sapper and Zanuso’s Algol television. The display of various information indicators allow this timepiece to shine it’s originality and also make it onto this unique list of tourbillon watches.

The features this watch includes:

Firstly, the hour and minute hands which are brushed finished have been treated with rhodium, with Super LumiNova – allowing for a clear blue glow when in dark environments, therefore visibility is increased. Not only is your visibility of importance when wearing this watch in the dark, but it also features the 90 hour power reserve, which is truly impressive, allowing this watch to be by your side when its not even at your side. As well as the Alligator strap which brings this sleek design together – limited to 25 pieces, make sure you take the opportunity to add this to your well respected collection if you ever have it.


BUY NOW – £338,600

Why is this tourbillon watch special?

The diamond bezel on this watch is really the stand out point – in which people stop and admire. The numerals placed on the bezel is also a special feature which is not so common to see, although in saying this, you’re going to be expecting great things from a watch priced at £338,600. Fine watchmaking and true honorary work is something Corum aim to achieve, and it’s something they have displayed throughout this watch.

The features this watch includes: The case of this timepiece is created using white gold, ensuring the quality is to the highest of standards, especially with the diamonds incorporated throughout the bezel too. But in saying this, you’re not just paying for the high quality materials – sure, they are a big factor, but you’re also paying for the homage of the tourbillon movement and are witnessing it being displayed in such a high quality and desirable manner. For instance, the red Alligator leather strap ties the knot within this watch, especially as it co-ordinates with the Red diamond Roman numerals. The character this watch possesses is unbelievable and will allow for a bold confident gentlemen to display it, in true style.


BUY NOW – £152,000

Why is this tourbillon watch special?

Bell & Ross became the watch partner of the formula one sport team Renault – and with this in mind, they are celebrating the partnership they have created with this beautiful timepiece. Performance is a key element of the timepieces which are being created all over the world, as it sets incredible watches apart from great watches. Not only does performance affect how people view a watch, but they also look at speed and precision, these are important to any watch wearers or enthusiasts too. Last but not least, the innovation is an important part of creating and designing watches, as it brings something new to the table – all of the above are four elements which can be, and will be found in Bell & Ross watches, including this one.

The features this watch includes: With an aesthetic taking inspiration from the motoring world, this watch includes some great features, which creates it’s own path for others to follow – not following in others footsteps, this is something which sets Bell & Ross apart from other watch brands, as they really dig deep and create intricate and detailed timepieces, to ensure longevity. Obviously it holds a beautiful tourbillon movement, which is a bonus for the wearer as they can admire it, as well as the rest of the mechanism. A titanium and ceramic case ensures high quality materials are being used, and the bezel is bidirectional.


BUY NOW – £462,000

Why is this tourbillon watch special?

Truly spectacular to the eyes, the feeling you receive when wearing this watch would be paramount to anything you’ve ever, most likely felt in your life – a masterpiece ready for a collection to be added too. This wonderful timepiece is inspired by the Hearts & Arrows pattern, which is visible when looking at a cut diamond, and this can be done with a special loupe – which is a remarkable bonus, and personal touch to the watch. The small details really count, and this is a watch which takes fine details with to the next level.

The features this watch includes: The case is made out of 18ct white gold, and is decorated with 48 baguette cut diamonds which are 14.79cts. The beautiful dial has 7 baguette cut green emerald indexes (0.63cts), and 138 white diamonds (1.25cts). In addition to this, the buckle has 30 diamonds included (0.49cts) and the crown has a jewel which finishes it off (0.12cts). The overall carats this watch has is 18.50cts, with 428 gemstones. This is an astounding amount of diamonds and jewels etc. – and is perfect for the person who loves history behind a watch, innovation carried throughout a watch – and lastly, a wonderfully decorated watch in fashionable style.


BUY NOW – £34,300

Why is this tourbillon watch special?

Arnold & Son provide great quality timepieces with Swiss watchmaking and English roots at heart. This piece here is another great example of the art and skill these watchmakers have. With an almost identical in symmetry tourbillon display, this watch leaves you fascinated by the open view dial and the stunning mechanism inside.

The features this watch includes:

The stainless steel case and Alligator strap provide some assurance about the quality of materials being used throughout this timepiece, and it also allows you to understand that it’s going to be durable and robust. The skeleton dial is one of the most unique stand out points within this watch and sells this watch, along with the respected Arnold & Son’s history.


BUY NOW – £132,800

Why is this tourbillon watch special?

Bold! Bold! Bold! is the word to describe this beautiful timepiece. The design has character, and stands out against a lot of other watches you most likely have. If you were to display this in your watch collection, it would certainly be a front runner for the focal spot – and would definitely be the one people ask questions about. The tribute this watch makes, is to Michel Parmigiani, with the 1950 number representing the year he was born in. A wonderful idea from them, which allows for a more personal touch within the watch too.

The features this watch includes:

This stunning timepiece features a blue Hermes Alligator strap, which compliments the blue starry dial perfectly, bringing the two together. The quality is ensured with the announcement of the 18ct rose gold case, as well as the obvious 1950 Moonbow tourbillon. In addition to that, the case is decorated with multi coloured baguette styled diamonds (2.5900 carats).

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