The 8 Best Casio G-Shock Watches to Buy

G-Shock watches have been around since the 1980s, and in fact, the first one to be created was in 1983, and oh boy are they good! The idea behind the G-Shock collection, was due to one of the Casio engineers dropping his pocket watch which was given to him by his father – from this moment they had created prototypes and came up with multiple designs which would counter shock resistance, as well as water resistance all whilst having a battery life of 10 years. History was to be made when they released that first one in 1983, and man we’re happy they did.

What are the Best Casio G-Shocks to buy?


BUY NOW – £1,080

Why is this watch special?

This timepiece connects the shock resistance it can endure, with a sleek and stylish design. Incorporating red coloured glass fibre, allows for a striped pattern to be highlighted on the carbon bezel. As you can tell this watch has some high quality materials equipped. It’s also a smaller and lighter watch which will sit comfortably on your wrist.

The features this watch includes:

Including a solar movement type, adds a sustainable edge to this watch, which in turn, builds a new audience of people appealed to this timepiece. The stainless steel strap, along with the fibre glass and carbon bezel, allows for this watch to be durable but also robust, sticking to their shock resistant features, in which they pride themselves on. You wont be disappointed when wearing this watch, as it shines style, but also is incredibly practical for all environments. With a 200m water resistant depth, you can definitely test the waters with this watch. So, if you’re the gentlemen who likes to explore, but it also bold and fashionable… you know what to do.


BUY NOW – £950

Why is this watch special?

Casio have pieced together a lightweight metal model, which has newly improved shock resistant structures. This is a hit amongst the demographic of Casio, and the idea of it being lightweight, allows for a more comfortable sit on the wrist, all whilst maintaining the important features it provides. A 15% decrease in weight is the exact figure, as they have changed the layering system, and the layered composite bands encase the resin parts now.

The features this watch includes:

These models maintain a constant Bluetooth connection with a smartphone, allowing for the best possible accuracy of time. So, if you’re the man who’s always on time, this watch will save you time by pulling your phone out, but you’ll also be ready for practical activities, as well as attending meetings, due to it’s sleek design. The stainless steel case ensures high quality materials are kept to a high standard, but also to make sure that the watch is robust and holds it’s longevity. Lastly, the 200m water resistant depth also ensures you have a watch which will be ready to go in any situation.


BUY NOW – £660

Why is this watch special? Being part of the Mudmaster collection – this timepiece truly captures the design and aesthetics Casio have created over the many years which they have been sailing through this industry. Not only is it a wonderful design with lots of features, but it also holds great sustainability, as it has solar powered movement. With Casio having stepped into this solar energy route, it has really engaged a new audience of appealed watch admirers. So, if you want a watch that has all the practicality you’ll ever need, all whilst being sustainable, this is perfect one for those needs.

The features this watch includes:

Featuring a quartz/ Solar powered movement, the reliability of accuracy will always be of paramount precision. Rubber is the material of the strap, so you don’t need to worry about comfortability, as it will sit snug on your wrist, and also allow for a bit of movement when completing strenuous activities. In addition to the comfortability, this watch has equipped, a 200m water resistant depth, truly impressive for a watch of this price.


BUY NOW – £99.90

Why is this watch special?

This watch consists of a simplistic but impactful design, a sleek black finish with the latest carbon core guard technology included. It takes inspiration from the 1983 model, and homages the original retro design, which features that octagonal bezel, which is a big hit for the customers.

The features this watch includes:

The interchangeable resin strap allows for a personal touch, as it means the wearer can get creative with the outfit he wears, as well as the style and colours which can be included. Powered by a quartz movement, this watch is reliable when it comes down to the accuracy of time measurement. The 200m water and shock resistance is an impressive number, especially for a watch not even above £100. The black dial features an analogue-digital display which blends in smoothly with the day-date display opposite form it.


BUY NOW – £499

Why is this watch special?

This digital watch, in the gold tone is a beautiful example of how creative Casio are. They implement stunning designs in with excellent features – and this combination creates a desirable watch such as this one.

The features this watch includes:

A solar powered movement is the drive for this watch, sustainable use of materials are always good for brand reputation, but also advancing throughout the watch world, with innovative designs, which other timepieces just cant compete with, especially not within the price range of Casio – this is something they have been doing for years. The case consists of stainless steel and rose gold, ensuring high quality standards are kept. Lastly, the 200 metre water resistant depth is a great bonus, and for the gentlemen who likes his style but also brings his exploring side out once in a while.

6. CASIO G-SHOCK HEART RATE MONITOR RED GENTS WATCH ( Our recommended watch to buy)

BUY NOW – £379

Why is this watch special? This watch is packed with 5 sensor functions. One of which can detect your blood flow and measure your heart rate – this is a cool feature to have, as you can understand more about your body. Also, if you’re ever in a situation where you’re just twiddling your thumbs… like a lot of us are in lockdown, then this gives you a quick task to complete and have a bit of fun with. Not only does this watch include the heart rate measure, but it also measures, altitude, barometric pressure, compass bearing and temperature, with one last one, measuring step count and the distance you have travelled on a day-to-day basis.

If you find yourself looking and reading about this watch, and you know you’re the type of guy who likes to explore and has a way with nature – then this watch is perfect to accommodate you on your adventures. Especially as it comes with GPS tracking on top of all those other attributes I just mentioned.

The features this watch includes: Excluding the features I mentioned above, this watch has some true quality within, including a solar movement type, which allows for sustainability, as well as accuracy. The 200m water resistant depth is also a huge factor as to why this watch is our “recommended watch to buy”, it shows true brilliance within the practical side and gets you rearing to go outdoors and explore, with your trusted friend on your wrist.


BUY NOW – £349

Why is this watch special?

This watch was built with an array of features included, with the inspiration coming from the environments the Royal Air Force face – and have equipped, an updated Carbon Core Guard Structure. If we get right into the specifics, this timepiece’s colour scheme is taken after the Eurofighter Typhoon – which is a stealthy but sleek look.

The features this watch includes: An automatic movement allows for durability, which is something that it has in common with the pilots and aircrafts the RAF use for their missions. In addition to this, the resin strap and case material allows for versatility when it comes down to the practical side of the watch, as well as being comfortable on your wrist. 200m is the depth this watch can reach in water, so get if that gets you excited, be sure to check it’s full features.


BUY NOW – £325

Why is this watch special?

This watch has been built to survive the most extreme conditions, if you’re heading out on an expedition anytime soon, or just want a practical watch that will serve all your needs, you’re looking at the perfect one.

The features this watch includes:

Whether you’re trekking up a mountain or are lost in an unknown terrain, this watch comes equipped with a location indicator at the 12 o’clock position, which displays the compass bearing direction. This is an extremely useful tool for those how know how to navigate using it, and is made a lot easier by having it intertwine with the rest of the watch. A 200 metre water resistant depth is also another great feature for practicality when being worn.

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