The top 10 Luxury Bremont watches that define the brand

Bremont was founded in 2002, and have rapidly built themselves up off the ground – now racing through the watch industry and have risen to being one of the most trusted and high quality British watchmaking brands, not only in the UK but in the world.

In light of this, we have compiled a list of 10 watches, which we think at Lux Horology, define them as a brand as well as highlighting the history and stories behind each and every one of them. The heritage and the way in which Bremont have created their timepieces to either break boundaries or pay homage to certain topics, people etc. is a wonderful achievement in our eyes as consumers and enthusiasts of watches.


What are Bremont’s 10 Defining Watches?


BUY NOW – £18,995

The story behind this watch?

This Bremont Hawking limited edition watch, pays homage to Stephen Hawking and the inspirational breakthroughs he managed to overcome. Hawking’s work has been integrated in this timepiece in various ways, including that of 4 inlaid wooden discs on the back of the watch, which were taken from his desk where he brainstormed his ideas on the universe. In addition to this, the stars have been etched into the caseback from the night sky in Oxford, on the January 8th 1942, the day Stephen Hawking was born. A true display of excellence, and something which you’ll be able to honour whilst carrying it forward on your wrist. Read more…

The 3 best features this Bremont watch includes?

Firstly, the 18ct white gold case in Bremont’s Trip-Tick construction highlights the quality in which this timepiece holds. You don’t often see watches which honour such an admirable person who shaped history, all whilst including artefacts from his desk in the caseback, as well as the laser engraving of serial numbers onto his original manuscripts.

The water resistant depth of 100m allows for exploration – not only of the waters, but all environments you come across. If you’re the outdoor adventurous type of man, then this watch is perfect for your needs. Subsequently, this watch doesn’t just allow you to continue with your journeys, but it also means you can wear it formally at events etc – being a dress watch… the opportunities for wear are endless.

The caseback is a whole feature in itself – featuring 4 wooden discs from Stephen Hawking’s desk, a meteorite disc, and an individual serial number engraved into the original “The ‘nuts’ and ‘bolts’ of gravity” manuscript paper.

2. RFU 150

BUY NOW – £3,995

The story behind this watch?

In recent light of the Six Nations 2021, this watch had to be apart of the list. Limited to only 150 pieces, this timepiece pays homage to the fact that they are the official timing partner to England Rugby, and Twickenham stadium, and is commemorating the 150th anniversary of the Rugby Football union (RFU). It once again set’s eyes upon the values in which Bremont pride themselves on – that being durability, precision and technical ability. Read more…

The 3 best features this Bremont watch includes?

The satin and polished steel case and ceramic bezel allows for robustness within the piece, and links back to the idea of Bremont’s values – being durable for the continuation of your adventures.

Another feature this watch holds, is the impressive 500m water resistant depth – perfect for exploration of the seas, as a professional diver or someone who works in or around water. Not only that, but it ensures you of the high quality standard in which it has been produced at.

Lastly, is the BE-93-2AV automatic movement, which is designed for the ‘on the go’ type of person who is always pursuing activities, and needs a durable and reliable watch to help them on their adventures.


BUY NOW – £2,995

The story behind this watch?

A proud achievement in which Bremont secured in 2019, was to be in an official partnership with the Ministry of Defence – in which they pay homage to her majesty’s armed forces. They’re now allowed to, as a luxury watch brand, use the signs, symbols and heraldic badges of the Royal Navy, British Army and the Royal Air Force. This is a massive step for Bremont, which has definitely been a part of where they are now in terms of recognition and defiance within the industry.

The 3 best features this Bremont watch includes?

The resistance to corrosion is one of the best features this watch holds – this is demonstrated through the use of CuSn8 bronze, which is a solid solution strengthened copper alloy with 8% tin. This high tin percentage within the materials, allows for this resistance to wear, and corrosion – something which would be important in harsh environments. So don’t worry about that scuba diving trip, or mountain hike you had planned, this watch has you covered.

In addition to this, the water resistant depth is 100m – therefore, allowing you to continue with your journeys as well as giving you the opportunity to explore any environment you deem warrant, due to it’s robustness and durability.

Super LumiNova hands and indexes means you can still stretch forward with your adventures even if it’s dark, as this coating will allow for clearer visibility when in darker environments – which is also important when diving to the depths of which this watch is capable of reaching.


BUY NOW – £3,695

The story behind this watch?

Nick English, founder of Bremont (along with his brother Giles) is a very athletic and determined character, in whom has clocked up over 45,000 miles, 828 marathons completed as well as holding 4 world records. A truly impressive feat of achievements for someone who owns such a large and well respected watch brand. This idea of taking on challenges and being diligent in difficult situations is what this watch represents – but it also links the connection between sea and air, taking inspiration from the aviation principles.

The 3 best features this Bremont watch includes?

A stainless steel case with a scratch resistant DLC treated case barrel is what ensures you of that robustness and durability in which Bremont deliver within all of their watches – and this is no exception. Longevity is paramount within the S302, and will live to tell the tale.

Moreover, the 300m water resistant depth allows you to reach new depths and explore places you’ve never seen or experienced before – as well as any other harsh environments you come across or are planning to come across.

Last but not least, is the uni-directional bezel allowing you to crucially time events, intervals etc. and can be increasingly important when timekeeping underwater.


BUY NOW – £24,995

The story behind this watch?

Inspired by the American man Howard Hughes, who took the challenge one day to build the largest aircraft known to man – and completed it, with it having one minute of flight on the 2nd November 1947. It’s a true honour to have a piece which remembers this period of time and the achievements in which Hughes made. This particular timepiece combines the use of micro-engineering watch design and aviation – perfect for those of you amid lovers of both worlds. It also includes original Birchwood from it’s fuselage, a great attribute which adds a personal touch.

The 3 best features this Bremont watch includes?

The platinum case allows for the highest form of durability. With it being so robust, you can be sure to explore until your hearts content, which for some of you, will never be content – but don’t worry, because this watch will be capable of lasting for decades to come.

Water resistant up to 100m – again just reinforces the fact that it is durable and has longevity at the forefront of it’s mind. As well as giving you the opportunity to reach new depths in your diving game.

Vintage leather strap, with platinum pin buckle. This adds a huge amount of comfort, as well as allowing you to be more formal when it comes to the finer things in life – the mixture and combination of functionality and elegance within the design, is what makes this watch so multi-purpose.


BUY NOW – £4,995

The story behind this watch?

This “Project Possible” timepiece was created for Nirmal Purja MBE who manged to summit all 14 of the Earth’s tallest mountains, a truly impressive achievement, which was completed in 7 months, breaking the previous record of 8 years. It’s a record in which some argue is unbreakable, and we will most likely not see it in our lifetime again. With that being said, it just highlights the quality in which the watch holds and it’s an incredible story, which I’m sure you as much as I do, would proudly wear this watch.

The 3 best features this Bremont watch includes?

The aviation grade Ti 6-4 titanium case allows you to understand the robustness and the durability in which this timepiece holds – after all it survived the summits Nirmal completed, which are arguably considered to be some of the toughest terrains and environments on the planet. So if you’re thinking about climbing a mountain or even activities such as skiing or other intense sports, this watch would be the perfect fit.

Additionally, the water resistant depth is 500m, which is truly impressive. Something which you can harness in your own life, and explore places you’ve always wanted too, even better if that includes water.

Lastly, is the protective patented anti-shock movement mount, which ensures you of a safe and well protected movement, no matter the circumstance of shock engaging with the timepiece.

7. S500 BLUE

BUY NOW – £3,495

The story behind this watch?

The first diving watch in which Bremont produced was built back in 2009 and is part of the S500 collection. The design element draws in ideas from the functionality and practical side, but also keeping in touch with the brands aviation roots, which has beautifully combined the two creating a stunning piece, perfect for all explorers.

The 3 best features this Bremont watch includes?

Being a diving watch, you’d expect some impressive functionalities to go along with that – and it does. The 500m water resistant depth is perfect for diving exploration, as well as highlighting to you, that it is robust and durable in longevity.

Additionally, the stainless steel screw in caseback, allows for extra protection when entering the water – which is really helpful when doing this multiple times per day.

Last but not least, is the Super LumiNova coated hands and indexes for additional visibility when in darker environments, this can be crucial when trying to record time under water or when low visibility is upon you.


BUY NOW – £3,095

The story behind this watch?

The idea behind this watch, is to help others to understand the feeling upon completing your first solo flight. The feeling when you have left the runway and are now climbing in altitude can be exhilarating and it’s something which this timepiece captures. So whether or not you’re an amid plane lover, you will still love this watch, because it allows you to appreciate the experience and what comes with it.

The 3 best features this Bremont watch includes?

A hardened polished stainless steel case is the protector of this piece, with it being robust and durable you can expect longevity of this watch to a very long lasting one – perfect for high intensity situations and environments.

Not only does the black leather strap add comfort when upon wearing it for several hours, but it also allows it to be somewhat of a dress watch – formal in fashion and functional in design.

Lastly, is the water resistant depth of 100m – perfect for those of you divers out there. The ability to reach new depths and explore new places is closer than ever before.


BUY NOW – £5,095

The story behind this watch?

“If the military depend on them, you can” This quote sums up the timepiece itself, and is now foreshadowing a positive display of luxury watchmaking. If you take a closer look, you can start to see the similarities between this watch and the one brought out in 2012 to elite B2 “Stealth Bomber”. The black design adds this element of mystery to the watch, something which mirrors that of a stealth bomber. Read more…

The 3 best features this Bremont watch includes?

The 100m water resistant depth, means you can carry forth with those adventurous journeys you had planned, as well as being capable to reach new depths in water – if you ever need it. However if you are actually a diver, and want to incorporate that mysterious look and feel into your explorations, then look no further.

The hardened stainless steel case means you can reach all climates and harsh environments known to man-kind, and still not have to worry about the damage to your watch, it’s got your back. Not only is it hardened but it also has a scratch resistant DLC coating – so you won’t be seeing those scratch marks anytime soon.

Lastly, the calibre BE-53AE automatic movement, holds an impressive 42 hour power reserve, perfect for when you need to relax and want to take your watch off. Without the hassle of winding it to the right time, because it’ll be ready for your motion to further un the movement.


BUY NOW – £4,895

The story behind this watch?

Bremont is teaming up with the famous Rolls Royce, to be the official timekeeping partner for their all electric speed record. The development of the plane is coming along promptly, and they are aiming for the zero-emissions plane to be the fastest in history – named the ‘Spirit of Innovation’. The Bremont stopwatch will feature in the cockpit of the plane, and will be required to precisely record time, somewhat of a breeze for Bremont I imagine.

The 3 best features this Bremont watch includes?

The test pilots for this ground-breaking event will be wearing this IonBird timepiece, which has a case made out of titanium for robustness and durability – perfect for intense situations.

In addition to this, the 100m water resistant depth is an aspect which I’m sure allows you to understand the high standard of quality in which Bremont produce within each and every one of their designs – and this again, is no exception. The perfect watch for diving, as well as aviation.

Last but not least, is the Super LumiNova hands and indexes, this can be incredibly important when in dark environments, such as in a plane or under water.

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