The 8 Best Reliable Men’s OMEGA Watches to Buy

Looking for an Omega watch to add to the collection? Or is it your first time buying an Omega watch? Either way this list will help make that hard decision, a little bit easier. As I own an Omega Speedmaster myself, I’ll try not to be too biased with the recommendation to buy.

Omega have been producing high quality timepieces for centuries (1848) , and that’s why they’re one of the top watch brands within the industry, holding an impressive 8.5% of the market share in 2019 – which left them in second place just behind Rolex. Hopefully these figures will leave you ensured that you’re getting your moneys worth from a well respected brand.

Lux Horology’s favourite fact about Omega –

The fact that the Omega Speedmaster Professional was the first watch to ever be worn on the moon, truly astounds us – and is something that will go down in the history books forever. It has also helped to shape their brand, within the creative aspects, such as brand awareness etc. and that is why this is our favourite fact. The history you’ll be able to carry forth on your wrist is incredible.

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BUY NOW – £5,840

What is this OMEGA watch built for?

Simple really… elegance, durability and reliability. This limited edition 1957 Railmaster watch has been designed with perfection at the forefront of it, all as well as luxury and performance – a truly stunning timepiece which is an example of the fine craftsmanship and highly skilled watchmakers, whom of which have been creating masterpieces since 1848. Making an impact, whilst being bold yet simplistic, allows you to feel confident and enjoy the innovation of an Omega watch on your wrist.

What are the 3 best features this watch includes?

An automatic movement, allows you to always be on the go and not have to worry about your watch keeping up with you – as this timepiece is built to last. So explore every last place you have on the Wishlist, and leave the watch to tell the stories.

The beautiful stainless steel case and bracelet, ensures you of this robust structure, and re-defines the way in which you can explore – so, no more hesitating… just go for it.

The soft polished grain on the steel – as you can see, there are no polished surfaces in sight… and this isn’t such a bad thing. It allows for durability through the structure of compounds, which harness their strength in harsh environments, meaning you can wear this watch for years without the fear of consequential scratches. We know this is a smaller detail throughout the watch, but the fine details are what build the bigger picture for everyone to admire.


BUY NOW – £6,950

What is this OMEGA watch built for?

Built for the significant amount of durability and robustness in which you’d want in a watch. Not only do the materials ensure you of this robustness, but the idea of it being used in the James Bond film “No Time To Die”, certainly allows you to understand the use and functionality this beautiful timepiece has.

What are the 3 best features this watch includes?

The titanium case makes sure that you can explore those places you’ve always wanted to experience without the need to worry, whether or not your watch can cope… because trust us, this 007 Limited edition watch will definitely cope. As you’ll understand even further with the next features we’re about to mention.

In addition to this, the amount of confidence you’ll be radiating whilst wearing this watch is a great experience and is hard to find – and it partly comes from the resistance to magnetic fields up to 15,000 gauss, which is a truly impressive attribute.

Last but not least, is another feature in which highlights the robustness and the durability it holds – and that’s the 300m water resistant depth, perfect for deep sea diving exploration, as well as being able to enter harsh terrains and environments, with full confidence your watch won’t let you down. After all it is named after James Bond, so create your own character and build your memories with this watch.


BUY NOW – £4,630

What is this OMEGA watch built for?

“It has it all “- This master chronometer is designed to pay homage to Omega’s history of maritime heritage, and what better way to do this, than with a beautiful and elegant timepiece which includes functionality, but also radiates it’s luxurious feel in fashionable style – a perfect dress watch, for any formal occasion.

What are the 3 best features this watch includes?

The 150m water resistant depth is definitely one of the standout features this watch comes equipped with – and it ensures you of the high quality standards Omega abide by. But it also allows you to explore and bring out your adventurous side for a time (pun intended) you won’t forget.

In addition to this the 60 hour power reserve this automatic watch holds, is an impressive feat for any timepiece, and it means you can leave off where you started if you don’t have access to your watch.

Last but not least, is the sun-brushed black dial, which holds elegant hour markers and hands, which are filled with Super-LumiNova – allowing you to have increased visibility when in dark environments. It’s a small detail, we know. But it’s an important one, which helps bring this watch into the perfect state it’s in.


BUY NOW – £4,260

What is this OMEGA watch built for?

Being one of the most infamous timepieces in which Omega have ever produced, it’s fair to say that being the first watch worn on the moon, has definitely allowed it to earn that respect as a durable and robust watch, which would survive any conditions it’s faced with.

What are the 3 best features this watch includes?

The fact that it took four years to build a movement that would be able to achieve master chronometer certification, proves to us as watch enthusiasts that the high standard of quality is paramount. The calibre 1861 has proudly overcome that, with magnetic resistance features, as well as a 50 hour power reserve – a wonderful piece of innovation carried out by the professionals and highly skilled watchmakers.

A tachymeter scale allows for the precision accuracy when timekeeping intervals etc. which can be extremely important. Take the Apollo 13 lunar landing mission which went wrong after one of the oxygen tanks failed two days into it – leaving the crew in a difficult position, whom of which were helped by the timekeeping of the Omega Speedmaster, which won the silver snoopy award.

Lastly, is the 50m water resistant depth – leaving this watch as a perfect companion for all of your journeys


BUY NOW – £5,000

What is this OMEGA watch built for?

Everything. Being a timepiece which is on the verge of all aspects of design, gives off that sense of confidence and appeal in which so many see. The leather strap brings it back into the formal world, but still leaves comfort an important attribute. The diving (Seamaster) aspect is a crucial one, which Omega originally created in 1957, for professionals and people who worked underwater. Moreover, the new innovative ideas which they brought to the collection really adds to the reliability and improved technological advances.

What are the 3 best features this watch includes?

This Omega Seamaster boasts a ceramic bezel with a liquidmetal diving scale not only for robustness, but also to precisely measure time when in crucial situations.

It comes equipped with a 300m water resistant depth, perfect for exploration of the waters – but not only that, it allows you to bring out your more adventurous side, all whilst having full confidence in your watches ability to maintain precision timekeeping.

Lastly, this timepiece holds a Co-Axial escapement, invented by George Daniels in 1976, and patented in 1980 – which allows for less friction between components, meaning that you won’t have to worry about servicing this watch for a long time. With great durability and longevity, comes great satisfaction.


BUY NOW – £5,280

What is this OMEGA watch built for?

It’s made for diving, but also to honour Nekton – who are ensuring that the protection and management of the worlds oceans are a top priority. This homage in which they’re paying to the oceans surrounding us is one of the reasons as to why it has made it onto the list – bar all the other incredible features it has.

What are the 3 best features this watch includes?

Firstly, it only feels right to talk about the water resistant depth this watch has, that being an impressive 300m – perfect for diving exploration, but also exploration of all environments. And what makes it even more special is the cause which it’s paying homage to, which you can carry forth on your wrist.

The uni-directional bezel which is made out of grade 5 titanium is not only robust, but it also allows you to time crucial intervals etc.

Lastly, is the calibre 8806 automatic movement, which has been certified as a master chronometer – ensuring you of the precision accuracy but also the longevity and durability it holds. So your stories will be able to live on through your timepiece for generations to come, from wrist to wrist.


BUY NOW – £3,800

What is this OMEGA watch built for?

A beautiful dress watch, which is rich in character, and luxurious in design. The classic but elegant look this watch has, really defines the De Ville Prestige collection and allows for the timepieces to radiate that feeling of luxury in fashionable style.

What are the 3 best features this watch includes?

First of all, the automatic movement (calibre 2627) is an opportunity for you to always be on the go, and your watch will be ticking right beside you. So if you’re the sophisticated gentleman who enjoys the finer things in life, but also wants to bring out the adventurous side in yourself, this is a perfect timepiece to fit your needs.

In addition to this, the brown leather strap is an addition which sets this watch up as the perfect accessory for formal events, but not only that it allows for better comfort when wearing it for hours upon end.

The stainless steel case compliments the beautiful dial perfectly, and it adds a robust structure to the watch itself – allowing for durability to be increased.


BUY NOW – £6,760

What is this OMEGA watch built for?

Built with the Omegas maritime legacy at the forefront of their minds, has allowed this watch to hold some incredible attributes, which presents it’s functionality spectacularly. The Planet Ocean collection was brought to life in 2005, and it pays homage to the diving scene in which Omega have pride themselves on for many years.

What are the 3 best features this watch includes?

The standout feature this watch comes equipped with, is the 600m water resistant depth – perfect for exploring places you’ve never seen before, all whilst having a robust and reliable watch, which will live to tell the tale. Designed for the gentleman who likes to be on the go.

The stainless steel case and bracelet ensure you of the robustness once again, and it allows you to understand the longevity in which this timepiece holds.

Last but definitely not least, is the polished bi-ceramic black and white bezel, which really showcases the high quality materials which have been used. Not only that, the colours blend in beautifully with the black and white dial, and it means you can crucially keep precision accuracy whenever you need it.

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