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Are you wanting a new watch, which can accommodate you on your journey surrounding the finer side of your life? Then look no further, my friend. We at Lux Horology, have put together 10 of the most expensive gold dress watches (with a few more affordable ones) for you to choose from. They all hold incredible features, and have each of their own stories, which are waiting for your wrist to carry them forward.

Lux Horology’s take on dress watches?

Owning a watch is similar to the rules of fashion – smart/ casual wear, work clothes, formal etc. and with that comes different variants of outfits, just like the watches you and I wear on a day to day basis. Everyday wear of a watch, would usually entail a stainless steel strap or rubber for an outgoing and on the go person, however when it comes to leather strap watches – especially if they’re made from gold – they are the pinnacle of accessorizing formal wear, blending seamlessly with your outfits and they bring out the sophisticated gentleman in which you are.


BUY NOW – £270,600

Bugatti Chiron

What makes this dress watch special? This beautifully crafted timepiece pays homage to the wonderful Bugatti Chiron which was unveiled to the world in 2016 – perfect for those of you amid car lovers as well as enthusiasts for excellent displays of horological art. In the form of true style, this watch radiates it’s luxurious feeling in a breath-taking way, having such a unique design, it’s only fair to give credit to the incredible highly skilled watchmakers, designers and the Parmigiani team who made this creative masterpiece possible. With four years of devolving a robust and timeless timepiece, they executed it in fashionable style.

With the entire architecture designed to fit the measurement of the cylindrical movement (12.5mm), it really shows you the lengths they went to, to make this project possible for us to even witness. The engine present in this watch, holds two-series barrels which makes sure (with the constant torque) that the efficiency is of a high standard. These are just a few of the complications and design elements this stunning timepiece holds. Read more

What features does this luxury watch include?

This watch uses gold, rose gold for the case – ensuring you of the high quality materials used throughout, which I’m sure you expected for a price of that sum. Not only does it shine the luxurious feeling throughout, but it also allows you to understand the robustness and durability it holds. In addition to the quality of materials, let’s talk about the quality of movement – holding an 80 hour power reserve within the manual movement is an impressive sum, perfect for those of you keeping the watch in a storage box etc. ready to be worn the next day, without the need to wind it.


BUY NOW – £31,000


What makes this dress watch special?

A true display of horological excellence, which has been brought out by the innovation and creativity in which they have carefully sought together. It shines the spaceborne adventure, and being apart of the Mars collection allows that to happen. Something which is extremely unique about this collection, is that each of the watches comes with their own Mars meteorite fragment in the three o’ clock position – truly wonderful in the sense that you’ll be able to carry that forward through the course of history. Being limited to only 12 pieces worldwide, you’d be making a great investment, if you were to add this to your collection.

What features does this luxury watch include?

Exploring the fine craftsmanship in order to create such a piece, takes us into looking at some of the features this timepiece holds. First of all, the black Alligator strap ensures you of the high quality materials used throughout, but not only this, it also gives you great comfort when wearing it – perfect for the use of wear being longer than a day. In addition to that, in between the 18k rose gold case, beholds an automatic movement, a calibre LM45 to be exact, which brings out the luxurious ways of which the Swiss do things – and this is an exemplary component in which the precision movement holds. The 50m water resistant depth allows you to explore places and things you’ve never experienced before – all whilst being accompanied by a truly stunning timepiece, which boasts it’s functionality tremendously.


BUY NOW – £167,000

Symbolisation of the bridge

What makes this dress watch special?

One of the most exquisite designs created by Corum – being able to view the tourbillion movement inside this stunning case, is a wonderful experience. The 360 degree view through the sapphire crystal glass, really sets the luxurious tone this timepiece holds. Designed for the amid watch lovers, but also for the sophisticated man, who enjoys the finer things in life – and this will be a great addition to any formal event you ever have. Also, with the power of attraction this watch carries forth, many eyes will be appreciating the complexity in order to create such a masterpiece. Limited to only 20 pieces worldwide, and only 10 of them are 18k rose gold – highlights the rarity in which you could hold in your collection.

What features does this luxury watch include?

The standout attribute this Corum timepiece holds is the tourbillion movement held in the centre 18k rose gold case – displaying the true Swiss luxury watchmaking skills Corum have been producing ever since 1955 when it was founded. That comes along with the 90 hour power reserve, which is truly impressive and a great function to have when you’re away for a while. The water resistant depth is 30m, and each of the watches have a triple folding rose gold clasp – a touch of character which I’m sure a lot of people admire on this design. This is all brought together by the hand-sown crocodile leather strap – ensuring you of the quality and comfort you will receive when wearing it.


BUY NOW – £16,500

What makes this dress watch special?

Being inspired by the car manufacturers who set up in Longbridge, England, is what makes this watch so special. And in the early 20th century, they had incredible designs which would cross time and eras together – this lead Reservoir to create a piece which has features like that of a car, such as the fuel tank inspired theme at 6 o’clock, or the green and blue lights – which mirror that of the lights and beams in the cars we drive today. Last but not least the dashboard numerals which remind you of the speedometer we use to measure or speed. This contrast between them adds this sporty character to the watch, but still allows it to remain elegant and graceful in display – a perfect timepiece for the formal events you might have on the horizon.

What features does this luxury watch include?

An automatic movement is the driving force behind this timepiece, and can withstand up to 50m in the water – so you don’t need to worry about getting a little wet. An obvious observation might lead you to the gold, rose gold case – which is the pinnacle amongst all other elements, which really gives you that luxurious feeling when wearing it. Last but not least, the Alligator strap brings all of the design elements together and seamlessly blends them with each other.


BUY NOW – £25,900

Vendome, Paris

What makes this dress watch special?

This watch comes with a simplistic but stunning design, which is complimented by the incredible features which adds to the functionality of the classic timepiece – Paying tribute to the location of where the company was founded, in Geneva 1945 by Francois Czapek. This long river which ran alongside the stretch of Genevan art de vivre, was of similar style to Vendome, Paris – where Francois opened up what was most likely, one of the first watchmakers boutique on the square. An incredible piece of history which will be carried forth by the man who owns this timepiece.

What features does this luxury watch include?

As a dress watch you might not be heading down to oceans depths anytime soon, but if you do decide to venture out into the diving world, it has a 30m water resistant depth which has you covered. The two sub-dials placed on the centre dial, adds a huge amount of character to this watch, it’s not too crowded but it’s perfectly balanced with the overall design having been carefully thought out. Is it robust? Definitely! With a gold, rose gold case, you’re ensured of the quality which is present throughout, and it is seamlessly blended in with the beautiful black Alligator strap – perfect for wearing the watch for a long amount of time, as it adds comfortability.


BUY NOW – £163,000


What makes this dress watch special?

The idea behind this collection, is the exploration of the “3D universe” in watchmaking – with innovation as an understatement to describe this piece, it captures the usual indications you would usually see on a watch, into a “third dimension” portrayal of the indications etc. This allowed Cyrus to really test the waters, and switch up from the normal conventional methods which are being used, and to really delve deeper into the endless possibilities which are there for the taking – albeit, this project they took on, was a very complex one, which needed a lot of studying and integration methods, to make the design and architecture of the 3D moon blend together seamlessly. Limited to only 88 pieces, increases the long-term investment value this watch holds too.

What features does this luxury watch include?

An automatic movement is the heart to this timepiece, being powered by your motion – allowing it to be reliable and durable for years to come. Being able to tell the stories of memories and events years down the line, in which you experienced whilst wearing this watch, is an important factor and something this watch will do for you. The 48mm gold case ensures you of the high quality materials, as well as radiating the luxurious feeling when being worn. Not only that, it blends together beautifully amongst all other elements, but in particular, the Crocodile strap.


BUY NOW – £11,995

Symbolisation of the accuracy

What makes this dress watch special?

Bremont have always delivered high performance timepieces, which are not only aesthetically stunning, but also rich in functionality. This watch in particular is known as the classic chronograph, and it delivers excellence in the form of highly accurate precision, as well as being durable.

What features does this luxury watch include?

protected by the 18ct rose gold case is a calibre BE-50AE automatic movement which has been COSC certified, as maintaining accuracy up to -4/+6 a day which is truly impressive for a mechanical movement powered by your motion. The character this Bremont timepiece holds, is wonderfully displayed in a carefully sought out design, giving off a perfect symmetrical look.

Wanting to test this watches durability? Well you can! Having a 100m water resistant depth allows you to explore harsh environments, without the worry of your watch withstanding it. Last but not least, is the Alligator strap which combines all of the elements held within this watch and blends them together seamlessly.


BUY NOW – £43,000

Russia Flag

What makes this dress watch special?

This spectacular timepiece marks 100 years after the start of the Russian revolution. To present this chronograph is Faberge (founded in 1842) – whom of which pay homage with this timepiece to the unfinished constellation egg of 1917. Bringing creativity along with innovation to mark a new standard of charting time.

What features does this luxury watch include?

The standout attribute which is held within this watch, is the rose gold, and titanium case ensuring you of the quality and robustness you can expect to see – so you don’t need to worry about taking this watch to extreme lengths. But what you can expect, is the appealed eyes you will receive when wearing it.

Coming equipped with a 50m water resistant depth for durability, a calibre 6361 automatic movement for accuracy and precision, and a brown Alligator strap for comfort and adaptability, puts this watch on the list with no questions asked. The perfect formal timepiece which holds great functionality, and will live to tell the tale.


BUY NOW – £61,300

60th Anniversary

What makes this dress watch special?

What better way to celebrate their 60th anniversary with an exquisite tourbillon timepiece – limited to only 60 pieces, makes this watch an exclusive and admirable piece. Something which makes this Corum timepiece standout against a lot of other competitors, is their ability to put the creative ideas in which they have, into the designs, with the fine watchmaking skills they hold. And creating bold watches with the sparks of creativity present throughout, is Corum’s guiding principles. A perfect dress watch for all occasions – but also able to withstand harsh environments with it’s robust structure.

What features does this luxury watch include?

A 50m water resistant depth allows you, to not only appreciate this watch in the formal wear, but to also explore places you’ve never experienced before. See, owning a watch isn’t just about wearing it, it’s about creating history and memories which will live on in your own legacy.

In addition to this, it comes equipped with an automatic movement, perfect for when you’re on the go – as it is actually designed for the sophisticated but adventurous man. Last but not least is the Gold case which ensures you of the high quality materials used throughout, as well as it’s durability, and the Crocodile leather strap, for added comfort – radiating the luxurious feeling by blending this dress watch together beautifully.


BUY NOW – £18,300

The example of the moonphase

What makes this dress watch special?

A beautiful timepiece which captures the luxurious feeling in a magnificent way – the moonphase is the standout focal point in which this watch has, as it’s in the centre dial and it displays the high quality craftsmanship in order to complete such a watch. Limited to only 25 pieces, put’s this watch on the list with a high demand but very low supply, so if you’re on the edge about purchasing one, act quick. Overall, it is a stunning gold dress watch, which holds great functionality, and would be a great match for more formal wear.

What features does this luxury watch include?

A manual movement is the driving force behind this timepiece, which allows you to understand the durability, but also the longevity in which this watch holds – it may well last upwards of 100 years, due to the fine skills of the watchmakers involved. Not only that, but when we talk about longevity and durability, it doesn’t stop there, as this watch has a 100m water resistant depth – perfect for exploration of any kind. Lastly, the gold case and crocodile strap creates that luxurious feeling when wearing it – just what you need when when attending a black tie party etc.

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