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There are many desired watches which people would love to wear or add to their collections. However, when it comes to Limited Edition watches they’re like the Crème de la Crème of design and heritage in which watches hold. The idea behind the limited edition versions, are that they hold different stories and can honour, or pay homage to particular foundations, charities, and people or anything of that kind. In this “Top 10 limited edition watches” post, we’ll go over the features they have, as well as the story and homage each one pays.

What are the Best 10 Unique Limited Edition Watches you can buy?


BUY NOW – £38,950

About this watch

Ronnie Wood, a critically acclaimed artist, producer, song writer and the guitarist playing in the Rolling Stones. He is the inspiration behind this watch, and has hand painted 47 dials, which are all one-of-a-kind. This is one of the 47 he has hand painted, the number gives reference to the year he was born, 1947. The tribute to Ronnie and his artwork through these limited edition watches are priceless and a great investment and a stylish piece to have in your collection.

The features this watch includes:

The mechanism has been sought and pieced together by highly skilled watchmakers. The case material is made out of 18ct white gold, which demonstrates that not only is it a collectors item, but you’re also paying for the extreme quality the watch houses. The automatic movement is a calibre DTE3022-31 which has a moon phase and rotor which has been decorated, and also includes Ronnie’s signature. The alligator strap just finishes this timepiece off, as it completes the character which has been built up throughout, you’ll be lucky if you can get your hands on one of these incredible watches.


BUY NOW – £11,400

About this watch

This watch is inspired by Polo and brings a new age touch to a vintage-inspired design. The spectacular cushion shaped design assembles all aspects of this watch leaving the wearer paramount with bliss. Designed for gentlemen who like the finer things in life, who also appear tranquil in an otherwise common fraught state. Being simplistic and desirable is a customary force of habit for those individuals, and this timepiece sets forth that disparity.

The features this watch includes:

An automatic movement is cushioned under the luxurious green dial, and is held between the robust stainless steel case. Rose gold-toned hands with super LumiNova subtly displays that sporty element that links to it’s roots and athletic beginnings. This is a bold watch so don’t be surprised by the 100 metre water resistant depth it has equipped. Made for the confident, and worn by the bold.


BUY NOW – £8,450

About this watch

Inspired by the 1949 “Blower” Bentley, this timepiece captures the essence, and provides luxury through it’s fashionable avenues of discreet, but powerful and bold creative ideas. You may wonder why the name is “Blower”, and here’s why, during the 1920s the 4 1/2 litre supercharged race cars were driven by Sir Tim Birkin, and of course, The Bentley Boys. This racing car went on to win the prestigious Le Mans Twenty-four-hour race. A true art piece in the form of racing. It would be of great honour to own such a timepiece.

The features this watch includes:

An automatic movement sits comfortably inside the stainless steel case, and is located underneath the brown burl elm dial. It’s a unique dial, but you’re going to expect nothing less than unique, on a limited edition watch aren’t you. The inspiration behind the dial comes from the wooden dashboard found in the Bentley we just spoke about. The dial represents an element of the car and homages the journey it’s been through, now it’s time for a gentlemen like you to carry that journey forward on your wrist.


BUY NOW – £21,800

About this watch

Firstly, this timepiece is limited to 150 pieces, so you’d be lucky if you got your hands on one of them. The watch is inspired by the famously known Aston Martin sports cars. Aston Martin sports cars are bold and full of character so I’m not surprised this watch comes fitted with a tourbillion regulator, it’s nothing short of luxury. Being a timepiece that honours such beautiful sports cars, it has homed in the style of an exposed engine, with it’s own exposed engine which is presented for all to see – the Heuer 02 Tourbillon movement. A high quality movement in which you can find out more just below. This watch is designed for the sophisticated gentlemen who is in touch with the roots of luxury cars, but also loves a timeless timepiece, in which captures the two mechanical aspects.

The features this watch includes:

As mentioned above, this Tag Heuer Carrea has housed, a wonderful Heuer 02 Tourbillon movement. Brilliance is something Tag Heuer prides itself on, and it doesn’t fall short here.

The Tourbillion movement is something of spectacular visionary, which was invented in 1795 by Louis Breguet. Having that equipped with the story and homage of this watch, just sells itself really, you cant ask for much more. Black PVD titanium is the material used for the case, and black carbon is used for the bezel. The high quality materials highlight the robust and durable attributes it carries forth. Not only that, the 100 metre water resistant depth is an added bonus to all other aspects of this watch.



About this watch

The inspiration comes from the Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band album by The Beatles. Having a watch which is paying homage to such an iconic band is desirable of any sort, and the gentlemen who is conspicuous and high-toned will want to add this to their collection. The use of “Maestro” is in recognition of the mastery swiss horology which has been incorporated, and it also celebrates the music by The Beatles.

The features this watch includes: An automatic movement which is held comfortably inside the PVD plated stainless steel case. A true display of high quality, durable and robust materials. With a water resistant depth of up to 50 metres, you can honour the legends (The Beatles), whilst enjoying your favourite activity, or even just taking part in adventurous commitments. Lastly, it has equipped a black vegan strap, which is made out of polyurethane.


BUY NOW – £6,600

About this watch

This timepiece was launched in homage of the premier collection, which they released in the 1940s. The everyday elegance is what makes this watch so special, and it allows the sophisticated gentlemen to make use out of it on a regular basis. This watch is for those who admire, understand, and appreciate the true skill of watchmakers, as well being engrossed by wonderful creativity. 150 is the number of pieces this timepiece is limited to, so if you’re looking to add this beautiful watch to your collection, I would be quick – that’s if they’re not already gone.

The features this watch includes:

A Breitling Manufacture Calibre 01 is held conveniently in between the stainless steel case, which holds an impressive 100 metre water resistant, as well as a 70 hour power reserve – so when you’re not around your watch will still be ticking by your side. A well constructed dial, with two sub-dials allows for an uncluttered design, but still makes the most out of the space given. True character has defined this watch, and that will be resonated through the man wearing this.


BUY NOW – £2,100

About this watch

Oris has set out on a mission to bring change for the better, they have various relationships with non-profit organizations, which help secure the future of our oceans. This watch in particular is inspired with the Coral Restoration Foundation, an organization which has become the World’s leading experts on coral restoration. We at Lux Horology are inspired by many of the timepieces we look at on a day-to-day basis, and this is one of those. Not only does this watch have great qualities, but it’s for a gentlemen who is passionate about making a change for the better, but also bold and confident enough to wear this watch in style.

The features this watch includes:

A beautiful stainless steel case houses the automatic movement, which has an impressive 300 metre water resistant depth, perfect for divers and explorers. In addition, the hands and indices have super LumiNova, which allows for clearer visibility in darker environments. An orange rubber strap, allows for the best comfort and also versatility in the water, but in other environments too. This comes with a with stainless steel folding clasp, which is a bonus, as it adds security to the watch.


BUY NOW – £2,620

About this watch

This Montblanc timepiece is inspired by the iconic Minevra watches back in the 1920s and 1930s which were deployed along with the military, being used for exploration. This watch is limited to 1858 pieces, so you’ll be amongst the minority who own one of these spectacular watches. A gentlemen who enjoys exploration, whilst still maintaining excellence from an accuracy and reliability standpoint, is a gentlemen who needs this timepiece.

The features this watch includes:

This watch holds a calibre MB 24.15 automatic movement, which is shelled by bronze case. A true root to the elements found within Earth. Montblanc have redefined the use of outdoor and adventurous watches with their bold and sophisticated designs, which any man would love to display on their wrist, or add to their well respected collection. Linking this watch to the adventurous roots of great beginnings – it has equipped, a 50 metre water resistant depth, solidifying that environment focused idea behind it.


BUY NOW – £1,295

About this watch

The limited edition Vintage Rally Healey has sparked a lot of interest from car enthusiasts all over the world – Since the partnership between Frederique Constant and the Austin Healey car brand went public, and the release of this stunning timepiece. The design incorporates different elements from both, the car and watch industries, which has subsequently brought together one big community whom wants to get their hands on this watch.

The features this watch includes:

Functionality is an important aspect of this timepiece, and that’s why they have an automatic movement included, which boasts a 38-hour power reserve, perfect for those who need a watch that will be by their side. A gentlemen who is enthusiastic about cars, as well as luxury timepieces, will be thrilled to get their hands on this piece.


BUY NOW – £599

About this watch

Citizen have created a beautiful timepiece which is limited to 9999 pieces worldwide. It has advanced technology, which is radio-controlled atomic Clock synchronisation. The idea behind this watch is to keep the time to a precise measure, which they have completed with this design.

The features this watch includes:

A quartz movement allows for precise and reliable accuracy, which is a much desired attribute within the watch industry – One of the greatest features this watch has equipped, is the 200 metre water resistant depth it boasts – crafted for a gentlemen who likes adventure, but who is also always early, is in line for this stunning timepiece.

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