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Heading further into the year, it’s inevitable that moods are not as in high spirit as usual – and it’s hard enough trying to find your socks in the morning let alone, trying to buy the perfect watch. However, we know that buying a watch can be difficult, and that is why we have created this guide, which, if you follow, it should help you to find that desired watch which you didn’t even know you loved. Let’s dive straight in.

This is the Ultimate Buying Guide for Men’s Watches

1. How much will the watch cost?

How much are you willing to spend on the watch?

The cost of watches has increased since the release of the first quartz watch produced by Seiko in 1969, this revolutionary development, meant that people could buy more accurate watches for a fraction of the price, of mechanical watches. However this was short lived as people saw the value in watchmakers skills and the dedication mechanical watches brought to the table.

This leads us on to the amount you will need to spend. So first of all, think about how much you’re willing to spend. If you’re looking for an investment piece, the price will be a lot higher, however if you’re just looking for an everyday watch then think about going in the low hundreds – this way you can have a watch which maintains that quality, all whilst being more affordable.

The main thing to consider when thinking about how much you are going to spend, obviously it’s how much you can actually afford – but don’t go too low as that could result in short term issues, and in the long term when you have to replace that watch 3 times, it’s going to be more expensive. Be modest, but also respect the fact you need a quality watch which will provide all the features necessary for you.

2. How much do you need or want the watch?

The want vs needs for buying a watch?

Firstly, ask yourself the question of, do I need this watch or do I want this watch? This will definitely help determine whether or not to buy it, as well as the price you’re going to pay. So if your answer was that you need the watch, then here’s a few steps for you:

1. Why do you need the watch?

You should ask yourself this question to really dive deeper as to what this watch is for, is it a watch which will be added to your respected collection?, or will it be a watch that will help you in your workplace? etc. Both are good needs for the watch and will require some time from you selecting it, we will discuss how to look for the watch a little bit further down.

2. You should spend a little bit more money

What we mean by that is… you should spend a little bit more money. This is because you want a watch that will serve it’s purpose whilst also maintaining a high quality standard. There’s no point buying a watch that you need, for it to break in 2 months, think about the longer term investment, and how much you’re willing to put in. If you put in an extra couple hundred Pounds or Dollars etc. you will reap the rewards of having a durable and useful timepiece to wear.

If your answer to very first question, was want then here’s a few buying tips for you:

1. Why do you want the watch?

This question is important to ask yourself, as it will allow you to not just spend money for the sake of it, but to really understand the value you’re going to receive from it. So if you’re wanting the watch to just wear and display on your wrist, but you can afford an investment piece too, then you may be better off buying something more expensive which will increase in value as time goes on.

Contrary to this, if you want it to just display the watch on your wrist and you’re not a keen watch enthusiast, as well as not being able to afford the high-end luxury watches, then think about going for a cheaper alternative. Some examples of great affordable watches can be found on The 18 best affordable watches” article we have available.

2. Buy a cheaper, but stylish watch first.

A lot of the time, people like to buy watches because of their designs and how they look, and if that sounds like you, then purchase a cheaper watch, and wear it for a few months. If you didn’t wear it as much as you thought you did, then start to look at watches which have more value, and bring better features to the table. Such as LumiNova hands, as well as water resistant depths. These features will not only allow you to appreciate the watch a lot more, but it will also keep that watch on your wrist.

3. Who’s the watch for?

Who’s the recipient for the watch?

The next topic of interest is the person who is receiving or buying the watch. If you are buying the watch for yourself then, just focus on the tips above and the ones to come below. However, if you’re buying the watch for someone else, your son, or dad, or anyone for that matter, then here’s some tips for you when buying:

1. How much do you need to spend?

Again, this all comes down to affordability, however this tip can save you money if it needs too. So, if the recipient of this watch is a keen watch lover, and has many watches already in their collection, then think about buying a more personal watch, something which they’ll remember for years to come, and maybe it might even get passed down the family generations. This might include watches which hold an investment value, or it’s an iconic watch which holds a great story and has some history behind it.

In addition to this, if the person who is receiving the watch isn’t an amid watch lover, then think about a more affordable watch, but will still last for years to come, and is of a high quality standard.

2. What type of watch do you buy?

Think about what they like, what their character is like, for example if they’re bold and confident, then think about a bold watch with various different elements, whereas if they’re a bit more reserved, then a simplistic watch will be perfect. The idea is to relate the watch to them and how they connect with it. This will be much more valuable than buying them a really expensive watch, which they might not even wear.

4. How will you be able to style the watch you buy?

How will you style the watch you buy?

First things first, Think about the design of the watch, and how this will be incorporated into your style as a whole. If you’re the type of person who loves formal outfits and is found commonly wearing them, whether that’s on a day-to-day basis or it’s for work etc. You should think about a more modest, but fashionable watch. For example, darker colours and more simplistic designs will be perfect when walking into a meeting, or if you’re walking down the road. The simplistic and dark colours we have suggested connects with the materials of your outfit and runs seamlessly with the colour co-ordination.

The colours you wear

If you often find yourself wearing bold colours and various different outfits, then look for a watch that will accommodate that, for example a watch which has many elements, and various colours incorporated. Obviously, make sure the watch is for you, but the idea behind this one, is that it will go together with whatever outfit you have on.

In addition to this, if you wear more simplistic colours and shades, then this will actually affect the overall design of watch you should look for. Leather straps are always a good start, as they complete outfits which otherwise wouldn’t be complete.

The materials you wear

With this one, think about the materials you wear, this will correlate to the materials you use within your watch, for example, if you like to wear casual clothes then a stainless steel watch would fit amongst this perfectly. However, in contrast to this, if you wear formal clothes more often than not, a leather strap would be of good fit. It’s all about blending the watch into your outfit, but also allowing it to be the stand out point, and one of the first things people set eyes on. Lastly, if you work in different environments from the norm, like the ocean, the materials are going to a be a lot different, so think about a rubber strap, which will also allow for comfort too.

It all depends on your occupation, but also what you are like as a person.

5. Enjoy the experience of buying a watch

We hope you find some usefulness out of these tips, and if carried out correctly it can allow you to pick the perfect watch you’re looking for. Something we do want to mention, is the enjoyment you receive when buying. Searching for long amounts of time can become tedious and boring, so make sure you cut that time down, by applying the simple steps highlighted. This will in turn, boost your enjoyment when on the hunt, and therefore save you time.

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