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The newest addition to this weeks “Watch of the Week” is the stunning Piaget Altiplano Ultimate Automatic – being full of character, and having a world record attached to it, puts you, as well as us, in for a treat. The Piaget Altiplano is a unique timepiece, which has many different elements that wouldn’t fit in with the “norm” – as we’ll mention further on throughout the article… but it’s exactly that, which makes it such a powerful statement to the watch world.

Crafting something so unique, and something which has never been done before allows us to understand and appreciate the complexity and attention to detail that Piaget has presented, not only to us, but the world outside of watches. So with that being said, let’s discuss the features, specifications and anything else relevant to the “Altiplano”.


BUY NOW – £30,500

This wafer-like timepiece, captures the essence of watchmaking, and presents it so elegantly, that it almost leaves us in a trance like state, just admiring the skill and complexity involved. Having a thickness of 4.3mm allows you to understand just how thin this “Piaget Altiplano Ultimate” watch is. Perfect for the watch collector/ enthusiast, whom of which is after a subtle yet elegant timepiece.

I think anyone would be inclined to add this watch to their collection, just simply for the fact that it held the world record for being one the thinnest watches in the world (broken by it’s own kind, of course). However, with the record being broken by the Bvlgari’s Octo Finissimo Tourbillon Automatic, it now sits at the number two spot (respectfully).

The movement found inside this “Piaget Altiplano” is a Swiss-made calibre 910P automatic movement, which we’ll discuss in more detail a little later on – but boy is it good! Well, enough said – let’s discuss the features this stunning watch comes equipped with, first up is the dial.


The dial on this “Piaget Altiplano Ultimate” watch is truly mesmerising, and is one that you could sit down and stare at for hours – I don’t think I would be able to concentrate anywhere with this watch on my wrist… as I’m sure a lot of you would be taken aback by the craftsmanship too. The attention to detail is commendable to the highest of standards.

With the sunburst satin-brushed skeletonised dial being so elegant and beautiful, it allows for a seamless blend of all the elements involved, and that includes the off-centred 12-hour dial, which is located at the 10 o’clock position. Some would say it’s a bold move, but others argue it allows for the skeletonised dial to be viewed in full perspective – which we agree with. If you’re planning to make the worlds thinnest watch, I think it’s acceptable to shuffle a few things around in order to display the movement inside.


Now, obviously as the previous holder of the world’s thinnest watch, it’s fair to say, this watch is thin. To be exact… it’s 4.3mm thick. The diameter of the case is 41mm, and the lug width is 21mm, which actually is quite normal to see. So if you’re after a watch which doesn’t look petite, but does look subtle – then this is definitely a go to.

The 18-karat white gold case assures you of the robustness and durability it holds, as some people might have doubts surrounding the durability of this watch due to it’s thinness. It also features sapphire glass crystal, which we’d expect to see in a watch worth around £30,500.

The case has a polished finish, with a smooth exterior, and a lot of curves. This gives off a beautiful effect when hit by the light, and allows for the watch to radiate that luxurious essence even more.


The “Piaget Altiplano Ultimate”, has a pin buckle-fastening black alligator strap equipped, which adds to that sense of luxury. The black alligator strap also adds for versatility, and adaptability as well as making this a dress watch to be worn for all occasions.

A subtle strap is the best kind of strap – and with it being light and easy to manoeuvre and re-adjust on your wrist, it makes for a cracking everyday watch too. Although, I’m not sure you’d catch me wearing this stunning “Altiplano” on a daily basis.


The incredible movement Found within the Piaget Altiplano Ultimate, is a Swiss-made calibre 910P automatic movement, which has a thickness of 4.3mm and a 41mm diameter. With the development of this timepiece taking 3 years, you can understand the complexity and craftsmanship which took place to achieve such a goal.

The running frequency of the movement is 21,600 Vph and the power reserve is 48-hours, rest assured that the precision and reliability is paramount throughout – it also allows those of you who like to travel, to explore and not have to worry about winding your watch, as long as the peripheral rotor is moving whilst on the go, you’re all good. Last but not least is the total of 30 jewels and 238 components it holds.


Case material – 18-karat white gold case

Movement type – Swiss-made calibre 910P automatic movement

Water resistant depth – 20m

Strap material – Pin buckle-fastening black alligator strap

Power reserve – 48-hour power reserve

Case diameter – 41mm

Case thickness – 4.3mm

Lug width – 21mm

Reference number G0A43121

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