What type of Watch Increases in Value? Lux Horology

Watches are inevitably incredible pieces of jewellery, which not only capture the market of luxurious buyers and wearers, but it also catches the eye of many investors. This is due to watches being in such high demand, and it’s the peoples choice, the watch buyers, like us and like you which have a great impact and influence on the way the watch market is run.

So, you’re asking yourself the question of, “what watches will increase in value?”. Well, that’s fantastic, not because you might not know, but because we at Lux Horology would love to be able to give you some clear and concise advice as well as some tips to look out for when buying a watch for yourself. Whether that’s buying a watch to keep, or buying a watch to solely sell on and make some money from.


Determining the future value of a watch can be hard. Do you want to see an increase? Of course you do, but even if you’re just after a retaining asset, you’re okay, because the marketplace is full of retaining value watches. Now, in saying that we should tell you about the downside to that.

A retaining value watch, means that when you pick up that watch for £3,000 it’s still worth in very close proximity to that price point at which you paid for it, which is a great way of creating valuable assets – and is smart investment choice. However, it’s hard to know which watches do this, and the same goes for watches which are due to increase in value.

There are many factors which go into determining your watches chance of increasing in value, so let’s dive right in.

Brand – The brand of your watch plays a huge role on whether or not it will increase in value, and that’s just facts, no one can do anything about that, we have spoken about this in more detail down below.

Materials – The materials of the watch does have an effect on the overall future price, with high quality materials, such as gold, platinum and titanium all being up there. But this doesn’t dis-credit the stainless steel watches, as you will always see an increase in those materials too.

The design – The design of the watch is an obvious choice, but one people would overlook. The design of a watch is the make or break of it’s success, it can be filled with high quality materials, but if someone isn’t willing to wear it, then it is no good. So, if you’re scanning watches which look like a lot of people would like them, then that’s a good sign that they might increase in value. Which leads me on nicely to the next part of the “How to know if your watch will increase in value”.

Looking for trends – This is an important tool to come equipped with, if you’re looking for a watch that might see an increase in value. Places such as WatchCharts, allow you to look at trends and prices of different watches which have been sold over the years, which can really help determine the future price of a watch.


Yes! It most certainly does. This is like anything you buy, the brand has to have a good reputation in the required field of market, as well as being of the highest quality compared to it’s competitors. Hence, why Rolex watches are amongst some of the best watches to invest in and actually see an increase in value. This goes for Vacheron’s, as well as Patek’s and many others, but you get the idea.

Names such as these, have an incredibly rich history behind them, which in a lot of cases, is the reason why they’re so popular, apart from the fact that they’re the best in the business. With more and more luxury timepieces being created every year, it can become harder and harder to differentiate the patterns of retaining value watches, increasing value watches, and decreasing value watches.

However these are the brands which you should look out for when looking to increase your money on a luxury watch, which are as follows:

– Rolex

– Patek Philippe

– Vacheron Constantin

– Audemars Piguet

– Jaeger-LeCoultre

Now obviously, this isn’t subjected to only these watch brands, as you’ll be able to make money on a plethora of watch brands, but these watch brands are notoriously famous for their market value, which as we all know is much more important than the retail value.

An example would be a Rolex Cosmograph Daytona, which holds a retail value of £10,500 and now has a market value of around £30,000, this again is dependant on the model, colours, materials etc. but you get the idea.


Cheaper watches don’t have to be cheap, what we mean by “cheaper”, is more affordable than usual luxury watches – so you’re looking at the £100-£500 mark. Now, to see an increase in value on more affordable/ cheaper watches, it’s quite hard to do unless it’s a limited edition version, or you’re just very lucky.

However, there definitely is a way to see an increase in value on cheaper watches – but you’re likely to see these results come from second hand purchasing. Now, the tables turn here, because as we saw on the Rolex Cosmograph Daytona, it increased from it’s original retail price, but with more affordable watches, they don’t have the same exclusivity as Rolex, hence the reason for the more slow and steady increase.

Buying from marketplaces such as eBay, Chrono24 etc. allows you to find incredible deals on luxury watches that you can’t find anywhere else. So, let me discuss what “cheaper” brands to buy in terms of gaining an increase within the value of the watch.

– Seiko

– Tissot

– Orient

– Hamilton

– Omega

– Oris

– (Vintage watches)

These are by no means the only watches in which allow you to see an increase within the value of your watch, but they do all favour that quality over some other brands, that’s for sure.


With every passing second, the chances of you finding that perfect watch decreases. Well not technically, because there are watch listings going live every single second, but it’s the opportunities which are in front of you, which key towards your success within the world of watches. At the end of the day, a watch is like any other trading commodity, it’s just about using your knowledge to find the ones which will increase in value. So, hopefully you have gained some knowledge on the topic and can use that to continue to grow your expertise and execute decisions with a clearer mind.

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