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Simplicity is key they say, and you’d be absolutely right in saying that in this situation. The Zenith Elite 6150 is a stunning watch – one which you might find yourself wearing to a more formal occasion, and one which respects the art of watchmaking in so many ways.

This Zenith Elite 6150 carries that sleek and stylish yet classic look and feel. Anyway, you’re here to find out a little bit more about the watch, and we hope we can provide you with some information you didn’t necessarily know beforehand. Let’s jump right into this “Watch of the Week”.


BUY NOW – £5,200

A beautiful Zenith Elite 6150 is being featured on Lux Horology’s “Watch of the Week”, and boy is it an absolute cracker of a watch. If you’re after a formal dress watch, which captures that luxurious essence in a modern fashion, but still homages that classic style, then this my friend, is the watch for you.

Not only does this watch look incredible, but the functionalities in which it holds, are also incredible – especially the movement which can be found within the walls of the stainless steel case, which is known for it’s horological abilities (“trade press awarding it the title of “Best Movement of the Year” when presented at BaselWorld in 1994”)… but more on that later.

My favourite thing about this watch, is the fact that it looks like a vintage, and who doesn’t like a vintage eh? It reminds me of an old Omega Seamaster.

Anyway, you’ve seen the watch from a front view, now let’s get into each of the specifications it holds, such as the dial, the case and the movement etc.


Simplicity, simplicity, simplicity! Yes, that’s right, simplicity. It’s the best word to describe the dial on this Zenith Elite 6150, but it’s not a bad thing at all – after all, that classic look is what they’re aiming for, and they have definitely achieved that.

The dial features a silver-tone sunray-patterned dial which allows for that luxurious essence to really shine and glisten… especially when the light hits it. The silver-tone which it comes equipped with also contrasts beautifully with the black Alligator strap.

Not only does the silver-tone dial radiate elegance and class, but the rhodium-plated hands and markers also allow for that to happen. Crafted with the utmost precision, and designed with the vintage and classic style in mind is evident to see when looking at each of the hour markers, as well as the slim and sophisticated hands.


One of the most spectacular features this Zenith Elite 6150 holds, is the ultra-thin stainless steel case, which is why you get that vintage feeling when laying eyes upon it. With a thickness of 9.45mm, it’s safe to say, it’s pretty thin.

So if you are after durability as well as style and comfort, then add this Zenith Elite 6150 to the Wishlist. Crafted using stainless steel means you can really test it’s limits and be confident in it’s ability to prevail. It also comes equipped with a domed anti-reflective, and scratch-resistant sapphire crystal and transparent case back just to further consolidate your minds decision on how durable it really is.

The stainless steel case is 42mm in diameter and 9.45mm in thickness, as mentioned previously – making it the perfect sleek, slim and comfortable timepiece.


Wow! What a beautiful strap this Zenith Elite 6150 has. It’s a buckle-fastening black alligator strap, which harnesses that luxurious essence with ease. If that’s what you’re after… comfort, then this strap will definitely fit the role you’re looking for, as it comes equipped with a rubber lining on the inside, which allows for that longevity to be increased. But most importantly, it means you can enjoy the comforting feeling of the strap for hours on end.

The use of Alligator for the strap, means the durability as well as adaptability, are both increased, and you can wear it anywhere, anytime and any place, without the need to worry, whether or not it will survive.

The minimum strap length is 18.5cm, and the maximum strap length is 22.5cm. Not only this, but the strap width is only 2cm, so it fits perfectly in line with the goal of this watch, and that’s the sleekness of it.


The movement found within the walls of the stainless steel case is a truly impressive one, and it’s a Swiss-made Elite 6150 calibre 13 1/4″ automatic movement, which has a diameter of 30mm and holds 35 jewels throughout.

Not only that, but the functionality comes from the work of the 195 components and parts in which the movement has. Including the running frequency of 28,800 Vph, as well as the 100-hour power reserve, which allows for those of you more adventurous people to explore at all times, and not have to worry about winding your watch.

Lastly, is the thickness of the movement, which runs fittingly with the rest of the watch. You’re going to expect it to be slim, due to the rest of the materials being thin throughout the timepiece, and you’d be right, as it comes in at a thickness of 3.92mm.


Case material – Stainless steel

Movement type – Swiss-made automatic Elite 6150 calibre 13 1/4″ movement

Water resistant depth – 50m (5 bar)

Strap material – Buckle-fastening black alligator strap

Power reserve – 100-hour power reserve

Case diameter – 42mm

Case thickness – 9.45mm

Min strap length – 18.5cm

Max strap length – 22.5cm

Strap width – 2cm

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