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When it comes to racing, design and reliability is of great priority in the overall goal of succeeding. This links into the idea of the watches which have adopted these thoughts and created stunning timepieces, which honour, homage and commemorate racers throughout our history. We’re here today to go through some of the best racing watches, and go into depth as to why they have made it onto the list.

What are the Best Car Watches Inspired by Racing?



About this watch

Rec Watches was created back in February 2014 by two Danish entrepreneurs, who have grown the business over 6-7 years, to reach a point in the brands history of being a well respected watch brand. They pride themselves of telling a different story through every watch – which we at Lux Horology love. This beautiful timepiece has been created to tell a story, which the wearer will be able to carry forward – adding that personal connection to the watch.

This watch contains a piece of metal from the RWB Rotana Porsche. It’s a unique element which they have added into it, which is for the gentlemen who is enthusiastic about cars, as well as quality watches. Adding limited availability to this watch, creates this demand of hungry watch collectors and car enthusiasts to come forward and express their interest in getting their hands on it, so if this sounds like you, make sure you take the opportunity in front of you.

The features this watch includes: The overall design of this watch is very sporty, but also sleek and fashionable – the colour of purple being used matches that of the inspired Porsche this watch homages. A bold and confident man, who is an avid car and watch lover is the perfect man to carry this story forward on their wrist, in style. Powered by an automatic movement, this watch wont run out of fuel, and it’ll be by your side even when it’s not by your side. The rubber strap allows for comfort when on the wrist, which is perfect for long drives. Lastly, if you’re an active man who likes an adventure, rest assured this watch includes a 50 metre water resistant depth.


BUY NOW – £1,550

About this watch

A gentlemen who likes to live life in the fast lane, is a gentlemen who is merely waiting to get his hands on this watch. Inspiration for this stunning timepiece comes from the attributes of the racers who compete(d) in the Formula 1 – their drive to win, the determination they possess, as well as the precision and accuracy needed for every corner, and every stretch of hot tarmac they race through. The watches spectacular simplistic but stylish design, allows for a seamless blend of all the elements involved.

The features this watch includes:

A Calibre 5 automatic movement powers this timepiece. The beautiful grey dial sits underneath the sapphire crystal glass, which offers great protection. The hands and hour markers are luminescent, allowing for clearer visibility when in dark surroundings, and this links in with the impressive 200 metre water resistant depth it has available. Perfect for amid watch, car and explorer lovers.


BUY NOW – £8,450

About this watch

In October 2020, Chopard paid homage to being the lead sponsor, and official timekeeper of the Mille Miglia, which is an Italian classic car rally – taking place each year since 1927. This design has been inspired by the most beautiful race in the world, which allows for car enthusiasts to come and take part in the 1000 mile endurance race. A gentlemen who is an amid car and watch lover will be the perfect wearer of this watch. Limited to only 500 pieces, creates this rare feeling, so if you’re on the edge about buying – don’t think too much!

The features this watch includes:

An automatic movement acts as the engine within this watch, and allows for reliability and longevity. A blue patterned leather strap connects this timepiece in a way, which reminds you of the leather seats inside the car – what they have done is creative and have really thought about the design process, to make the watch as personal as possible. The beautiful stand out dial features the arrow-shaped race logo as well as taking inspiration from the dashboard of the car, with the fuel icon. Surrounding the dial is the 18ct rose gold case – highlighting the quality this watch unveils.


BUY NOW – £5,295

About this watch

This watch takes inspiration form the lightweight E-Type Jaguar – Jaguar and Bremont have a long standing relationship, which allows them to create these incredible timepieces, and it really connects the two and brings together this sense of luxury, which has been brought out in fashionable style. The E-Type is sleek and has cutting edge elements, so with that in mind Bremont have taken to the drawing board, and implemented some stunning features throughout.

The features this watch includes:

The powerhouse of this watch comes form the Calibre BE-50AE automatic movement – which is currently situated comfortably underneath the beautifully designed white dial. If you’re an enthusiast about fast cars and luxurious watches, and love the idea that your dial will have a dashboard inspired theme, then this watch should be on your wrist. The 42 hour power reserve, allows you to understand that this watch will always be by your side. As well as the 100 metre water resistant depth it has equipped, perfect for the explorer inside you.


BUY NOW – £1,350

About this watch

This watch is inspired by the advanced high-tech and innovative designs which shines throughout every single Formula 1 race car. However, this watch in particular celebrates the sporting history of the Gulf Formula 1 racing car. As you can see by the design, it combines the bold and fresh colours, of blues and orange, which creates a beautiful looking watch, for the confident gentlemen, who is also a racing lover – as we at Lux Horology definitely are.

The features this watch includes:

We wont leave you waiting to find out some of the best attributes this watch possesses, so lets get right into it. Firstly, this timepiece inspired by the Gulf Formula 1 racing car, has a 200m water resistant depth, which is truly impressive, and if you’re reading this, and know that you’re the adventurous and exploring gentlemen, then this watch should be amongst your watchlist. In addition to the diving depths this watch can delve too – it has a quartz movement to maintain the reliability and precision you’d expect from a TAG Heuer watch, this is especially important when timing things such as races. The stainless steel case, and calf strap ensure the quality is kept to a high standard, something you can always rely on when buying a Tag Heuer.


BUY NOW – £3,550

About this watch

In 1955, Stirling Moss (The world renowned Mille Miglia racer) won the 22nd rally car race in fashionable style. His average speed of 98mph was truly impressive and he completed the race in just over 10 hours – and in commemoration of his death last year on the 12th April 2020, Lonville have created this spectacular watch, which has a truly stunning design, and features some great attributes.

The features this watch includes: A beautiful green dial and green leather strap, connects this watch as one, creating a luxurious and warm feeling when worn. Not only does this watch allow you to honour Stirling Moss, but it also helps you take a look back at those exciting times, and appreciate the time which has passed – and if you’re not old enough to remember the event, you can still understand the commitment and determination Moss had – so for that, we honour him. In addition to the warm luxurious green present throughout this watch, it also features an automatic movement which is the drive for this timepiece, as well as a stainless steel case which has been used for robustness and durability.

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